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Tech Enthusiast Weekly(2024-06-08) : The world's longest undersea fiber optic cable, 2Africa, connects the UK, enhancing regional internet performance.

The world's longest undersea fiber optic cable, 2Africa, connects the UK, enhancing regional internet performance.

The world's longest undersea fiber optic cable, 2Africa, connects the UK, enhancing regional internet performance.

The 2Africa undersea cable, the world's longest at 45,000 kilometers, has connected Cornwall, UK. This system is jointly owned by several telecom giants with the aim of enhancing internet connectivity across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. Vodafone leads the UK access, ensuring the cable is safely buried and seamlessly integrated with terrestrial networks. The cable boasts a transmission capacity of up to 180 terabits per second, achieving the first full coverage of the African continent, connecting 33 countries. It is now partially operational and is expected to significantly improve regional internet performance.

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China Mobile Launches Free Harassment Call Protection Service

Summary: China Mobile has introduced a free high-frequency spam call protection service, allowing users to participate in marking spam calls using the "number tagging" feature, thereby enhancing the efficiency of call blocking. This service can be managed through the official WeChat account, eliminating the need to download a separate app.


  • High-frequency spam call protection service: A service that automatically blocks frequent spam calls to protect users from being disturbed.
  • Number tagging: Users can mark phone numbers they consider to be spam, helping the system identify and block these numbers.
  • Official WeChat account: Within WeChat, users can set up the service and view the blocking records through the official account.
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Baidu Maps V20 Global Premiere of True Lane-Level Navigation, Equipped on Tesla Models

Baidu Maps V20 debuts globally with true lane-level navigation, now available on Tesla's S3XY models. The new versions 2024.14.8 and 2024.14.9 are being rolled out via OTA (Over-The-Air) technology, marking Baidu Maps as a provider of urban lane-level navigation services.


  • True lane-level navigation: Map navigation is precise to specific lanes, offering more detailed driving guidance.
  • OTA (Over-The-Air) technology: Vehicle software updates are delivered wirelessly over the internet, eliminating the need for in-store upgrades.
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Tech CEOs Invest in Major League Cricket to Boost Sport's Popularity in the U.S.

Tech CEOs Invest in Major League Cricket to Boost Sport's Popularity in the U.S.

High-profile tech CEOs, including Microsoft's Satya Nadella and Adobe's Shantanu Narayen, are investing nearly a billion dollars to popularize cricket in the U.S. through Major League Cricket. This league, featuring six professional teams, aims to mainstream cricket, targeting the large South Asian diaspora in America, known for their high incomes and passion for the sport. The Men's T20 Cricket World Cup, co-hosted by the U.S., has already witnessed a historic upset with the U.S. team defeating Pakistan. The upcoming India vs. Pakistan match is highly anticipated, with tickets averaging $1,300. These efforts reflect a strategic move to tap into a niche market with significant spending power, potentially reshaping the American sports landscape.

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Guide to Taking Scrolling Screenshots on iPhone

Taking a screenshot on an iPhone is straightforward, involving a quick press of the volume up and side buttons. For longer captures, known as scrolling screenshots, the process is slightly more involved. These screenshots allow you to capture an entire webpage, document, or email in one go, rather than stitching together multiple images.

To create a scrolling screenshot:

  1. Take a regular screenshot using the side and volume up buttons (or side/top and home buttons for Touch ID models).
  2. Quickly tap the preview that appears in the bottom-left corner.
  3. Select "Full Page" to see a preview of the entire capture.
  4. Edit if necessary, then choose "Done."
  5. Save as a PDF to Files or, if available, to Photos.

Long screenshots are typically saved as PDFs in the Files app, where they can be viewed, edited, and shared. If the screenshot fits within the screen's dimensions, it may also be saved directly to Photos.

This feature simplifies the capture of lengthy content, enhancing the iPhone's utility for documentation and sharing.

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China Launches Massive Transportation Modernization Plan

Summary: The Chinese Ministry of Transport, in collaboration with twelve other departments, has launched a comprehensive plan to modernize transportation infrastructure. This initiative, known as the "Transportation Massive Equipment Update Action Plan," focuses on seven critical areas:

  1. Electrification of Public Buses - Transitioning to electric buses to decrease emissions.
  2. Replacement of Old Diesel Trucks - Gradually eliminating older, polluting vehicles.
  3. Scrapping and Updating Ships and Locomotives - Replacing obsolete marine and rail transport.
  4. Replacement of Postal and Courier Equipment - Modernizing postal and delivery services' technology.
  5. Upgrade of Logistics Facilities - Improving the efficiency and sustainability of logistics networks.
  6. Improvement of Equipment Standards - Elevating the quality and performance standards of equipment.

The objective is to move towards cleaner, more efficient, and less carbon-intensive transportation systems, highlighting a broader commitment to environmental sustainability and industry modernization.

Insights: This plan represents more than just an update of machinery; it's a strategic shift towards a greener economy. By focusing on high-emission sectors such as public transport and logistics, China is setting a global standard for environmental responsibility. The move towards electric vehicles and the improvement of logistics efficiency are particularly significant, as they directly affect public health and economic productivity. This initiative demonstrates a proactive stance on climate change, aligning with worldwide efforts to reduce carbon footprints.

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Meta Introduces 'Communities' Feature on Messenger for Organized Group Communication

Meta introduces "Communities" on Messenger, a feature designed for structured communication within groups such as schools and clubs. Unlike WhatsApp, which necessitates phone numbers, Messenger Communities utilize Facebook connections for invitation purposes. This enhancement broadens Messenger's functionality beyond simple messaging, incorporating more extensive social networking features.

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China's Rapid Advance in Renewable Energy Sets Global Benchmark

China's rapid transition to renewable energy, known as the "Green Speed," has garnered worldwide attention. In 2023, while some countries scaled back their renewable energy goals, China advanced significantly, becoming the only nation where the share of electricity in energy consumption consistently increased. The country installed over half of the world's new solar capacity and over 60% of wind power, doubling its solar and wind installations within just three years.

China's electric vehicle market penetration exceeds 30%, starkly contrasting with under 10% in the U.S. This acceleration in green energy could potentially lead to China's carbon emissions peaking earlier than its 2030 pledge. Analysts and experts, including those from the Norwegian International Climate and Environment Center, are astounded by China's unprecedented pace in renewable energy, signaling a new era in global climate efforts.

This "Green Speed" is crucial for global carbon reduction, providing a model for developing countries to adopt green technologies at lower costs. The complexity of this transition, requiring significant investment and policy coordination, underscores China's leadership in energy innovation, supported by decades of focused policy on technology.

China's advancements in green energy are not only a national achievement but also a significant contribution to global climate action, signaling a transformative shift in the world's energy base.

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May 2024: The Hottest Ever, Climate Crisis Intensifies

May 2024: The Hottest Ever, Climate Crisis Intensifies May 2024: The Hottest Ever, Climate Crisis Intensifies

In May 2024, Earth experienced the hottest May on record. Data from the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) revealed that the global average temperature was 0.65°C higher than the 1991-2020 average and 1.52°C above pre-industrial levels.

This marked the 12th consecutive month where global temperatures set records for their respective months. Over the past 12 months, the global average temperature was 0.75°C higher than the 1991-2020 average and 1.63°C above the pre-industrial levels of 1850-1900.

Citing C3S data, the UN Secretary-General called for urgent action. The World Meteorological Organization warned that we are approaching the climate thresholds set by the Paris Agreement. It is projected that between 2024 and 2028, global average temperatures will be 1.1°C to 1.9°C higher than pre-industrial levels.

The rate of global warming has reached a historic high, increasing by 0.26°C per decade. The remaining carbon budget, which is the amount of CO2 that can be emitted before causing global warming of 1.5°C, is only about 200 gigatons, equivalent to five years of emissions.

Climate change data casts a clear and unforgiving shadow, much like the harsh sun. We stand at a historical turning point, with each degree of warming posing a challenge to our future. The time for action is now; otherwise, we will be unable to reverse this trend.

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Taobao Tmall updates its rating system, strengthening the impact of store experience scores on search rankings.

Taobao Tmall updates its rating system, strengthening the impact of store experience scores on search rankings.


Recently, Taobao Tmall has implemented a new scoring system, replacing the previous DSR evaluation system with "Store Experience Scores" and "Product Experience Index." This change directly impacts search rankings and store traffic. Stores with higher experience scores will appear higher in search results, attracting more traffic. Taobao Tmall emphasizes user experience and encourages merchants to enhance service quality. Merchants can view their experience scores through the "Qianniu Backend" and display relevant service indicators, such as shipping speed and customer service response time, on product detail pages, which directly influence consumer decisions.


  • DSR (Detailed Seller Ratings): The previous seller service evaluation system on Taobao, which included ratings for product description accuracy, seller service attitude, and logistics service quality.
  • Store Experience Score: Part of the new evaluation system, it comprehensively assesses store service quality and directly affects the store's visibility and traffic on the platform.
  • Product Experience Index: A measure of product service quality, including factors like shipping speed and customer service responsiveness, which directly impact consumer purchasing decisions.
  • Qianniu Backend: A management tool for Taobao merchants, where they can view and manage store data.


This strategic adjustment by Taobao Tmall signifies a shift from mere price competition to competition based on service quality in the e-commerce platform. By enhancing user experience, merchants not only strengthen customer loyalty but also stand out in the fiercely competitive market. This transformation presents both challenges and opportunities for merchants, requiring them to re-evaluate and optimize their service processes to meet the growing expectations of consumers.

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China Launches First Civilian Satellite Internet Device

China's OneLinQ, the inaugural civilian satellite internet device, has been unveiled at a price of 29,800 yuan. It offers impressive upload speeds of 20Mbps and download speeds of 100Mbps, paving the way for widespread access to satellite broadband.

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Sennheiser SC635 Summary: Corded headset, priced at $70. Perfect for Zoom calls. Offers superior audio quality compared to Bluetooth. Features a boom mic positioned close to the mouth for clear speech. Available with USB or 1/8-inch plug options.


  • Corded headset: Provides wired connectivity for stable audio.
  • Boom mic: An adjustable microphone positioned near the mouth for enhanced sound capture.
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Websoft9: Streamlining Software Deployment with Pre-configured Templates

Websoft9: Streamlining Software Deployment with Pre-configured Templates

Websoft9 offers over 200 pre-configured software templates, simplifying deployment across various applications and languages. Ideal for managing digital infrastructure with ease.

  • GitOps: Utilizes Git for infrastructure management, automating changes.
  • Pre-configured templates: Ready-to-use setups, minimizing manual configuration.
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Quill-11: A Student-Centric Deals and Loyalty Platform Utilizing Open Banking

Quill-11: A Student-Centric Deals and Loyalty Platform Utilizing Open Banking Quill-11: A Student-Centric Deals and Loyalty Platform Utilizing Open Banking Quill-11: A Student-Centric Deals and Loyalty Platform Utilizing Open Banking

Quill, an open banking platform, assists college students in discovering deals and rewards. Merchants utilize it to draw students away from competitors by offering combined benefits. Open banking enables third-party services to access banking data with user consent, fostering financial innovation and competition.

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Top VPN Deals and Their Impact on Online Privacy

VPNs shield your online activity, crucial as ISPs collect vast personal data. Deals: Surfshark $2.19/mo for 27 months, $59.13 upfront; ExpressVPN $6.67/mo for 15 months, $100 total; NordVPN $3.09/mo for 27 months, $83.43 upfront; PIA VPN $2.03/mo for 28 months, $56.94 upfront.

VPNs encrypt connections, safeguarding data and allowing location spoofing. Avoid free VPNs; they often sell user data. Consider long-term commitments carefully.

VPN: Virtual Private Network. Encrypts internet traffic, masking your IP address and location, enhancing privacy and security. ISP: Internet Service Provider. Provides internet access, often collects user data. IP address: Unique identifier for devices on a network, revealing location and online activity.

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Top 10 Domain Brokers of 2023 Recognized by

Summary: recognizes the top 10 domain brokers of 2023, ranked by sales revenue. Awards ceremony held at NamesCon 2024 in Austin.

  1. Joe Uddeme - Over $120 million in sales.
  2. Mark Daniel - Specializes in premium domains.
  3. Ryan McKegney - Domain expert since 2012.
  4. Brent Oxley - Founder of HostGator.
  5. Matthew Chase - Over $30 million in sales.
  6. Brian Harbin - Founder of Grit Brokerage.
  7. Stephen Miholovich - Founder of Name Arena.
  8. Jeffrey Gabriel - Guinness Record holder.
  9. Andrew Miller - Over $500 million in transactions.
  10. Andrew Rosener - Over $600 million in sales.


Domain brokers are adept at negotiation and play a crucial role in shaping global digital branding.


  • Domain Broker: A professional who mediates the purchase and sale of domain names, which are the web addresses of sites (e.g.,
  • NamesCon: An annual event dedicated to the domain name sector.
  • Digital Real Estate: Refers to domain names and websites, which are considered valuable assets in the digital realm.
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Flashbak: A Nostalgic Digital Platform for Revisiting Past Moments

Flashbak: A Nostalgic Digital Platform for Revisiting Past Moments Flashbak: A Nostalgic Digital Platform for Revisiting Past Moments Flashbak: A Nostalgic Digital Platform for Revisiting Past Moments Flashbak: A Nostalgic Digital Platform for Revisiting Past Moments Flashbak: A Nostalgic Digital Platform for Revisiting Past Moments

Flashbak: A digital scrapbook where users share and view photos from past years on the same date. It's a collective stroll down memory lane, uniting over 80,000 nostalgic souls.


  • Digital platform: An online service accessed via the internet.
  • Shared nostalgia: A shared feeling of longing for the past.
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Twitter: Farhan

Regarding Problem-Solving Techniques: Explain various problem-solving techniques and methodologies that can be applied to [specific type of problem or industry]. Include examples and scenarios for practice.


Twitter: Farhan

WhatsApp + ChatGPT = 🔥I am using ChatGPT on WhatsApp. You can too by simply following this guide.


Apple Prepares for WWDC with Enhanced Developer Resources

Apple is preparing for WWDC, emphasizing robust developer support. Resources encompass expert meetups, educational initiatives, and a new platform called Pathways, which facilitates app development. Expectations are elevated for updates to iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS, with a particular focus on AI advancements.

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Twitter: Y11

The important papers on AI that have been identified by OpenAI's former Chief Scientist Ilya Sutskever include a list of 30 papers. He stated, "If you truly master all of these, you will understand 90% of what is significant in today's AI." The list can be found at the following URL:


Khushboo Khatter's Journey to Becoming a Kubernetes Expert

Khushboo Khatter, an IT professional deeply immersed in Kubernetes, shares her journey from initial migration projects to becoming a certified expert in cloud-native technologies. Her career highlights include mastering Kubernetes, Prometheus, Istio, and other CNCF tools, which are crucial for modern application deployment and management.

Kubernetes, often abbreviated as K8s, is an open-source platform designed to automate deploying, scaling, and operating application containers. Khushboo's passion for this technology drove her to pursue certifications, enhancing her career and connecting her with a vibrant community.

Her advice for newcomers includes mastering Kubernetes basics, engaging in hands-on practice, and staying connected with the community. Khushboo also anticipates Kubernetes' future role in emerging technologies like AI and machine learning.

For those interested in following Khushboo's path, resources such as "Kubernetes Up & Running" and online courses are recommended. Her story emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and community engagement in the tech field.

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Strategic Communication Techniques for Workplace Success

Article Focus: Techniques to effectively communicate work contributions to superiors.

Key Points:

  1. Proactive Reporting: Regularly update superiors on project milestones and challenges. Use specific data and comparisons to highlight achievements.
  2. Strategic Complaints: Acknowledge workload without exaggeration, emphasizing solutions and efficiency.
  3. Structured Presentations: Use a clear format (event, data, comparison) to present complex tasks and their outcomes.
  4. Problem-Solving Approach: When presenting issues, include thoughtful solutions and considerations.

Personal Reflection: The essence of this article lies in the art of communication within the workplace. It's not merely about showcasing effort but demonstrating value through strategic reporting and problem-solving. The emphasis on using data and clear comparisons is particularly effective, as it transforms abstract efforts into tangible contributions. However, the practice should be grounded in genuine productivity and integrity. Over-exaggeration or manipulation of workload descriptions could undermine trust and credibility.

Explanation of Terms:

  • Upward Reporting: The process of sharing work progress and challenges with higher-level management.
  • Workload: The amount of work assigned to an individual or team.
  • Data-Driven: Making decisions or presenting information based on factual data rather than assumptions.
  • Problem-Solving: The process of finding effective solutions to issues or challenges.
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