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COVID-19 Brain Fog Linked to Immune Protein, Vaccines May Help

COVID-19 Brain Fog Linked to Immune Protein, Vaccines May Help

COVID-19 can affect your mental clarity. About 10%-30% of people experience "brain fog"—difficulties with concentration and memory. Scientists have identified a protein, IL-1β, as a key factor in this issue. It's part of your immune response, but excessive amounts can be detrimental to your brain health.

Researchers, including Dr. Robyn Klein from Western University, investigated how this protein impacts the brain. They utilized rat models to observe the effects of COVID-19 infection. The findings revealed that high levels of IL-1β can impair the brain's ability to generate new neurons and lead to forgetfulness.

However, there is optimism. Vaccines appear to be beneficial. They reduce brain inflammation and lower IL-1β levels, potentially shielding vaccinated individuals from severe cognitive problems.

Klein emphasizes that further research is necessary. The vaccines tested in the study differ from those currently available. Nonetheless, the main message is clear: vaccines decrease inflammation, which could result in less persistent brain fog.

IL-1β (Interleukin-1β): A protein that helps regulate your immune system. In high amounts, it can cause inflammation, which is linked to cognitive problems.

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