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Eclipse Foundation Launches Open-Source Theia IDE Compatible with VS Code Extensions

The Eclipse Foundation has launched Theia IDE, an open-source alternative to Microsoft's Visual Studio Code. Theia, developed over seven years, uses the same core editor as VS Code and supports its extensions. Unlike VS Code, which has proprietary elements, Theia is fully open-source, free from telemetry and other proprietary constraints.

Theia supports VS Code's Language Server Protocol and Debug Adapter Protocol, offering features like IntelliSense and error checking. Extensions for Theia are available via the Open VSX Registry, currently hosting around 3,784 extensions, compared to VS Code's larger marketplace.

The Eclipse Foundation highlights Theia's community-driven development, attracting contributions from major tech companies like Ericsson, IBM, and Google. This community ensures Theia's adaptability and innovation based on user feedback.

Additionally, the Eclipse Theia Platform allows developers to create custom IDEs for desktop and cloud, adaptable for internal projects or commercial resale. This platform enables extensive customization without the need for forking or patching the code.

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