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Gardenia tea drinks have become the new favorite in the emerging tea market.

Gardenia tea drinks have become the new favorite in the emerging tea market.

Gardenias, a flower that used to cost three to five yuan per jin, has seen its price skyrocket to 35 or 37 yuan per jin this year. New-style tea brands like Nayuki, Tea King, and Ancient Tea have all launched gardenia-infused beverages, which have seen a rapid surge in sales. Gardenia tea drinks, with their unique cool fragrance and refreshing taste, have become a new favorite in the market.

The popularity of gardenias reflects the tea drink market's pursuit of the "chasing fragrance" trend. Floral tea brands utilize olfactory memory to help consumers form brand memories more quickly. The production of gardenia tea drinks employs the flower-infusion technique, where tea and flowers are combined, blending the floral aroma with the tea scent, thereby enhancing the product's added value.

The popularity of gardenia tea drinks has driven a surge in raw material prices and also promoted the upgrade of the entire industry. Tea brands have differentiated themselves through innovation, tapping into unique varieties and cultural potential, achieving cultural dissemination among the youth. The sudden popularity of gardenias is the result of innovation by new tea brands, signaling the continued vitality of the new tea market.

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