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NASCAR Unveils First Electric Racecar, Aims for Sustainable Future

NASCAR unveiled its first electric racecar in Chicago. Unlike gas cars, it doesn't roar; it hums. NASCAR partnered with Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, and ABB to gauge fan interest in electric racing. The objective: to make electric vehicles cool and fun.

The prototype carries a price tag of $1.5 million. NASCAR driver David Ragan piloted it. He observed distinct sounds and smells without the gas engine's typical dominance. The car boasts rapid acceleration but is heavier, resulting in slower cornering speeds.

NASCAR plans to transition fully to electric racing by 2035, aiming for zero emissions. They are also exploring hydrogen cars. NASCAR's tracks will feature electric charging stations courtesy of ABB.

Formula E, another electric racing series, has been in existence for a decade but attracts fewer fans than NASCAR. NASCAR's initiative could enhance interest in electric vehicles among fans, potentially impacting their car buying decisions.

The electric car's body is constructed from plant-based materials instead of conventional carbon fiber, underscoring NASCAR's dedication to sustainability.

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