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Top Hurdlers McLaughlin-Levrone and Bol Set for Olympic Showdown

Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone and Femke Bol, top hurdlers, avoided each other for two years. Now, they aim for a showdown at the Paris Olympics. McLaughlin-Levrone, focusing on the 400 hurdles, set a new world record at 50.65 seconds. Bol, the reigning world champion, seeks improvement. Both have faced each other twice, with McLaughlin-Levrone leading. Bol's best time is 51.45 seconds. Edwin Moses predicts McLaughlin-Levrone might break 50 seconds. The race could be close, with both athletes' strengths balancing each other. Post-hurdles, they might compete in the 4x400 relay. Karsten Warholm, men's world-record holder, highlights their distinct skills: McLaughlin-Levrone's speed versus Bol's technique and stamina. The upcoming race promises a fierce competition.

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