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AI-Curated, Informed Choices

"Informed AI News" is an AI-curated publications aggregation platform, precisely selecting and aggregating the most important global news and information. Its purpose is to help you eliminate information gaps and break through the limitations of the information cocoon room. Experience it now and embark on a new chapter of intelligent news reading!

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Intelligent Assessment, Precise Information

Every day, we evaluate over 2000+ latest news items across multiple dimensions to select the most relevant and important information, ensuring that every piece of news delivered to you is worth your attention.

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Diverse publications, Multiple Perspectives

We compile important information into various types of daily and weekly publications, covering different fields and viewpoints, helping you broaden your horizons and avoid the limitations of a single source of information.

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AI Summaries, Quick Comprehension

Utilizing AI technology, we generate concise summaries for each article, allowing you to grasp the core content of the news in a short time and enhance your reading efficiency.


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World News Daily

World News Daily is a comprehensive international news daily, dedicated to providing global perspective news coverage. It covers a wide range of topics including politics, economics, society, entertainment, technology, health, and sports, helping readers understand the latest developments and events around the world. Daily Release.

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Tech Enthusiast Weekly

Tech Enthusiast Weekly is a newspaper dedicated to the field of technology, aiming to provide the latest tech news and practical tool recommendations for tech enthusiasts. Its sections include tech news, articles, tools, resources, and social media commentary. Every Friday Released.

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AI Enthusiast Weekly

AI Enthusiast Weekly is a newspaper dedicated to the field of artificial intelligence, designed to provide AI enthusiasts with the latest AI news, technological advancements, industry insights, and tool recommendations. Its sections cover AI news, articles, tools, resources, and social media commentary. Every Monday Released.

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What is Informed-AI-News?

Informed-AI-News is a news aggregation platform based on AI technology, aiming to provide users with high-quality news content that has been carefully selected and organized. It analyzes a vast array of news sources, filtering out low-quality or untrustworthy information to ensure that users receive accurate and timely news.

How does Informed-AI-News filter news?

Our filtering process begins by selecting information from multiple reliable public news sources, then sets different evaluation criteria based on the characteristics of different subjects. For example, news is assessed on aspects such as objectivity, social impact, credibility, potential, practicality, and entertainment value; while social media commentary is evaluated on practicality, rationality, entertainment value, depth of thought, and social impact.

What types of information does Informed-AI-News include?

We offer a variety of publications, with the main ones currently being World News Daily, Tech Enthusiast Weekly, and AI Enthusiast Weekly.

What is the update frequency of Informed-AI-News?

We search for information hourly to ensure you receive the latest news. publications are updated according to their respective schedules, such as daily updates for the daily newspaper, and weekly updates for future weekly issues.

How can I get more support?

You can contact us via email or social media (details can be found in the footer of the page), and we will respond to your questions as soon as possible.