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[2024-07-24]China releases 'National Carbon Market Development Report (2024)' to promote the development of the carbon emission trading market.

[2024-07-24]Secret Service Director Resigns After Trump Assassination Attempt

[2024-07-24]Switzerland Mandates Open Source for Government Software

[2024-07-24]Cyabra to Go Public via SPAC to Combat Disinformation

[2024-07-24]Spotify Q2 2024: Record Operating Profit and Surpassing User Estimates

[2024-07-24]Mattel Introduces First Blind Barbie for Inclusive Play

[2024-07-24]Saudi Arabia's $100 Billion Shale Gas Investment

[2024-07-24]Temu's Rapid Growth and Strategic Market Expansion

[2024-07-24]Wiz Rejects Google's $23 Billion Offer, Plans IPO

[2024-07-24]Vozo Rewrite & Redub: AI-Powered Video Editing Tool

[2024-07-24]Adobe Enhances Creative Tools with Firefly AI

[2024-07-24]New 3D Material Design Method Could Revolutionize Engineering

[2024-07-24]Meta Releases Powerful Open-Source AI Model Llama 3.1 405B

[2024-07-24]The International Olympic Committee approves the first e-Sports Olympic Games, scheduled to be held in Saudi Arabia in 2025.

[2024-07-24]Joker: Folie à Deux Trailer Reveals Musical Sequel

[2024-07-24]Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's Delayed Reporting of Health Issues Causing Concern

[2024-07-24]Graphene Brain Implant for Parkinson's Treatment Set for Human Trials

[2024-07-24]Addressing Complex Health Needs in Canada: A Call for Team-Based Care

[2024-07-24]Global Interest in Middle East Peace: A Call for International Action

[2024-07-24]Birmingham to Host 2027 Invictus Games

[2024-07-24]Eating More Fruit Linked to Lower Depression Risk in Seniors

[2024-07-24]Halal Meat: A Growing Market Beyond Religion

[2024-07-23]UK, Italy, and Japan Unveil Next-Generation Combat Aircraft Concept

[2024-07-23]Taiwan Conducts Annual Air-Raid Drills and Military Exercises

[2024-07-23]Biden administration announces $4.3 billion in funding for local climate projects.

[2024-07-23]Biden Withdraws, Endorses Harris: Political Chaos Ensues

[2024-07-23]Global Shift in HIV Infections: UN Report Highlights New Challenges

[2024-07-23]AI-Generated Child Abuse Material Surges, Challenging Tech Regulation

[2024-07-23]Arm's Stock Surges on Edge AI Growth Prospects

[2024-07-23]Taobao Launches Global Free Shipping Plan to Support Clothing Merchants' Overseas Expansion

[2024-07-23]Fragment Raises $9M to Simplify Bank Account Reconciliation

[2024-07-23]Google's Gemini AI to Enhance Olympic Viewing Experience at Paris 2024

[2024-07-23]Tesla plans to produce the humanoid robot Optimus in small quantities next year.

[2024-07-23]Google's Jigsaw Releases Open-Source Tool to Combat Online Extremism

[2024-07-23]Scientists Discover Gas Permeability in Graphene, Revolutionizing Separation Technologies

[2024-07-23]AI Method Accelerates Material Thermal Property Predictions

[2024-07-23]Stardew Valley Creator Promises Free Post-Launch Content

[2024-07-23]Evo 2024: Major Announcements in Fighting Games

[2024-07-23]Apple Music Classical Launches Top 100 Chart

[2024-07-23]Yan Lianke on the Authenticity of Literature and Creative Faith

[2024-07-23]AI Tool Predicts Alzheimer's with High Accuracy

[2024-07-23]A 20-Year Overview of Breakthrough Technologies in Life Sciences: From Evolution to Disruption, Deciphering the Code of Life

[2024-07-23]Canada Faces Severe Wildfires Amid Prolonged Heatwave

[2024-07-23]UNAIDS calls for increased resources to end the AIDS pandemic.

[2024-07-23]New Roblox Game Lets Players Experience Olympic Events

[2024-07-23]Birmingham to Host 2027 Invictus Games

[2024-07-23]McDonald's Continues $5 Value Meal to Attract Customers

[2024-07-23]Exploring Regional Ice Desserts: A Cool Journey Across China

[2024-07-23]Asahi Group Expands in Australia with Focus on Soft Drinks

[2024-07-22]The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China plans to legislate to promote the development of the private sector.

[2024-07-22]China deepens the reform of foreign investment and outbound investment management systems.

[2024-07-22]Biden Withdraws from 2024 Presidential Election: Shockwaves in American Politics

[2024-07-22]The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China is advancing housing reform: a dual system of renting and purchasing alongside a new model for the real estate market.

[2024-07-22]Global IT Meltdown: CrowdStrike's Software Update Impacts 850 Million Devices

[2024-07-22]China's Rapid Expansion in Renewable Energy

[2024-07-22]China's Communist Party Unveils Reform Blueprint Post-Plenum

[2024-07-22]Bobby Jain Launches Jain Global with Record-Breaking $53 Billion Fundraising

[2024-07-22]SparseCraft: Rapid 3D Reconstruction from Sparse Views

[2024-07-22]OpenAI Advances in AI Chip Development

[2024-07-22]DeepSeek: Pioneering Cost-Effective AI Models with Innovative Technology

[2024-07-22]Graphene New Discovery: Challenging Traditional Perceptions and Innovating Separation Techniques

[2024-07-22]NASA's Juno Spacecraft Captures Detailed Images of Jupiter's Atmospheric Chaos

[2024-07-22]Tekken 8 to Introduce Heihachi Mishima in Fall 2024

[2024-07-22]Street Fighter 6 Adds Terry from Fatal Fury in Fall 2024

[2024-07-22]Airbnb's Hidden Camera Controversy: Privacy and Security Concerns

[2024-07-22]UK Arts Funding and Education Lags Behind Europe, Report Reveals

[2024-07-22]The world's first 128-channel helium-free magnetoencephalography system has been approved for market release.

[2024-07-22]Study Suggests Rapamycin Could Extend Women's Fertility

[2024-07-22]AI Facial Temperature Analysis Predicts Health Risks

[2024-07-22]IOC Anticipates 15 Russian Athletes in Paris Olympics

[2024-07-22]Schauffele Wins Open Championship at Troon

[2024-07-22]Tadej Pogacar Achieves Historic Giro-Tour Double

[2024-07-21]Secret Service Rejects Security Enhancements Before Trump Assassination Attempt

[2024-07-21]Russia's Response to US Missile Plans Raises Tensions

[2024-07-21]UN Court Rules Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Territories Illegal

[2024-07-21]China's Public Charging Stations Surge in June 2024

[2024-07-21]Global Tech Outage Disrupts Canadian Life

[2024-07-21]New Microscopic Mechanism for Hydrochloric Acid Formation Solves Decades-Old Chemical Puzzle

[2024-07-21]North America's EV Battery Factory Boom

[2024-07-21]Google in Talks to Acquire Cloud Security Startup Wiz for $230 Billion

[2024-07-21]China's Rapid Expansion in Renewable Energy

[2024-07-21]Round One Arcade Expands in U.S. Market

[2024-07-21]Microsoft Launches AI-Powered Microsoft Designer for Seamless Design Integration

[2024-07-21]IMAGDressing-v1: Customizable Virtual Dressing System

[2024-07-21]ElevenLabs Turbo 2.5 Model: Enhanced Speed and Language Support

[2024-07-21]Exa Raises $22M to Develop AI-Focused Search Engine

[2024-07-21]Soulframe: A New Fantasy MMO by Warframe Creators

[2024-07-21]MultiVersus Season 2 Introduces Samurai Jack and Beetlejuice, Ranked Mode Coming Soon

[2024-07-21]Netflix Expands Game Development with Over 80 Projects

[2024-07-21]Global Airline IT Outage Causes Widespread Disruptions

[2024-07-21]Major Anime Music Piracy Site Shuts Down Following Legal Action

[2024-07-21]Sony Pictures Expands into Remakes and New Streaming Formats

[2024-07-21]Australian Researchers Develop Innovative Light Beam Technology

[2024-07-21]New HIV Cure Case Raises Hope for Future Treatments

[2024-07-21]London Launches First Multibank to Tackle Child Poverty

[2024-07-21]FGM Survivor Undergoes Reconstructive Surgery for Clitoral Regeneration

[2024-07-21]Macron pledges to swim in the Seine, water quality improvement aids Olympics.

[2024-07-21]Record Snowfall Hits Australian Ski Resorts

[2024-07-21]AI Robotics Transforming Food Packaging with Precision and Efficiency

[2024-07-21]Female Sake Brewer Overcomes Earthquake Challenges