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Hello, I'm Jiang.

In an era of information overload, we have easy access to vast amounts of data, yet we also risk drowning in irrelevant noise, wasting our valuable time. I firmly believe that in today's context, the efficient acquisition of accurate and important information, the reduction of information gaps, and the breaking of information cocoon limitations remain crucial challenges.

To address this, I have developed the website "Informed AI News", dedicated to delivering curated, easily digestible news content through AI technology, enabling you to effortlessly stay abreast of significant developments amidst a busy life.

In essence, Informed AI News is an information aggregation platform. Each day, it assesses over 2000+ of the latest news items across multiple dimensions, selecting the high-quality information. It then generates concise summaries for each article and compiles these into corresponding daily, weekly, and other periodic publications.

These AI-curated publications will span multiple domains, including politics, economics, technology, health, and AI, catering to the diverse needs of our users. The range and variety of publications will continue to expand.

You can follow my Twitter(X): @JJJ44129022, where I will send a tweet each time the publication is updated or when there is an important announcement.

I also run a Newsletter on the Substack platform, where I publish the latest issue content daily.

You can subscribe here:

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me. I will read all readers emails and messages carefully and strive to improve Informed AI News.

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Enjoy your reading!



How does this website filter information

The information evaluation process employs an 8-point scale, with the following scoring factors:

  • Objectivity: Assessing whether the information is fair and unbiased.
  • Social Impact: The extent of the information's impact on society and the public.
  • Credibility: The trustworthiness of the information source (for example, well-known media like the BBC are considered to have higher credibility).
  • Potential: The potential for the information to trigger further events or changes.
  • Practicality: The operability of the information for readers in practical applications.
  • Entertainment Value: Assessing the entertainment value of the information.
  • Rationality: Evaluating whether the content of the article is logical.
  • Depth of Thought: Assessing the depth of thought in the information, and its contribution to any intellectual field.

The scoring is weighted; for instance, in the toolbox section, Practicality is given greater emphasis.

The "Scores" displayed beneath each piece of information in the publication provide access to the AI's detailed scoring and explanations.

Taking the news 《Biden's LA Fundraiser with Obama and Hollywood Stars Raises $30 million》 as an example:


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