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BYD and French company Ayvens sign a strategic cooperation memorandum to expand the European electric vehicle market.

BYD has signed a memorandum of understanding with French company Ayvens, planning to offer electric passenger cars and light-duty vehicle rental services in Europe through BYD's dealer network. The initial operations will be in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, with plans to expand to more European countries later.

The era of reverse joint ventures has arrived, with Renault set to collaborate with Chinese automakers to develop pure electric vehicles, competing with BYD. BYD aims to become the largest electric vehicle seller in Europe by 2030, surpassing Volkswagen, Tesla, and others.

NVIDIA has announced an expansion of its cooperation with Chinese automakers including BYD. A BYD executive stated that without Tesla, the global electric vehicle market would not have developed to its current state.

BYD has officially signed a land pre-purchase agreement for a passenger car factory with the municipal government of Szeged, Hungary. BYD plans to open 50 stores in Indonesia and has become the official mobility partner for the 2024 European Cup.

BYD will establish 100 dealerships in Japan, aiming to achieve an annual sales target of 30,000 vehicles. BYD has won a contract to supply all-electric school buses in California, while CATL will provide battery cells for the first model of Audi's joint venture with FAW, which is set to go into mass production next year.

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