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Bitcoin Poised to Break Records Amid ETF Approvals and Historical Trends

Bitcoin's journey to new highs isn't over. CCData says it's likely to surpass its peak of $73,700 this year. The climb was fueled by U.S. ETF approvals in January, drawing $14.41 billion so far.

ETFs allow investors to track bitcoin's price without owning it directly. This move has boosted bitcoin's legitimacy and attracted bigger investors.

Bitcoin cycles typically rise to a peak, then drop into a bear market. Three cycles have passed since bitcoin's launch. Each cycle peaks after a halving event, where miner rewards halve, reducing supply.

This cycle's peak came before halving, driven by ETF hype. CCData notes historical trends show price expansion after halving, lasting 366 to 548 days. The last halving was in April, so the timeframe isn't up yet.

Trading activity on exchanges has dipped post-halving, mirroring past cycles. CCData predicts this cycle could extend into 2025. Institutional influence has changed the game, but historical data suggests we'll see new highs before year's end.

Ethereum ETFs and similar products could bring more capital and demand. CCData points out bitcoin's price often surges just before cycle peaks. This cycle hasn't seen that parabolic jump yet.

Historical patterns suggest we're not at the peak. More highs are likely ahead.

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