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British Politicians Targeted by AI-Generated Fake Pornography

British Politicians Targeted by AI-Generated Fake Pornography

British politicians Angela Rayner, Gillian Keegan, Penny Mordaunt, Priti Patel, and Stella Creasy are facing the issue of fake pornography, where AI is used to create nude images featuring their faces. Some of these are basic Photoshop edits, while others are sophisticated deepfakes.

Dehenna Davison, a former Member of Parliament, describes this as "quite violating" and warns of "major problems" if AI regulation is not implemented. Creasy feels "sick," viewing it as a form of power manipulation rather than entertainment.

Non-consensual deepfake technology uses AI to remove clothing from photographs. The Guardian reported on ClothOff, an AI app that has caused disruption in schools.

The Online Safety Act, which came into effect in January, makes it illegal to share such images without consent. However, these sites continue to be accessible. Although creating this material is currently legal, the UK government plans to ban it.

The UK's approach is more stringent compared to many other countries. Some major sites block British users to circumvent legal issues. US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez advocates for similar legislation, anticipating dire consequences if action is not taken.

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