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"Untamed Alliance" Season 1 Update: New Factions and Game Improvements

'Untamed Alliance' Season 1 Update: New Factions and Game Improvements

"Untamed Alliance" Season 1 Launches with New Features: Introducing the GSK Faction, Capture the Flag Mode, Three New Weapons, and Various Accessories. Game Difficulty Reduced, Balance Adjusted. Patch Details Include:

  • Adjustments to weapon and battle pass boost item expiration times, now only counting down during matches.
  • Reduced experience points required for battle pass upgrades.
  • Adjusted extra experience rewards for matches, doubling experience for completing games.
  • Added headshot icons to kill notifications.

The GSK faction hails from the German Border Guard Command, specializing in field control and territory security. The new Clubhouse map is ideal for medium to close-range engagements. The Capture the Flag mode allows players to seize enemy flags and protect their own.

In terms of weapons, new additions include the sniper rifle L115, the assault rifle LVOA-C, and a sawn-off sidearm. New weapon mastery skins have been introduced. Issues with weapon and optic jitter have been fixed.

Improvements to devices include adjustments to the flashbang visual effects and a fix for the bug where multiple devices would respawn. Social features now include the Creator Code program, allowing players to support creators. Issues with voice and text chat have been resolved.

Other fixes address graphics, audio, and crash issues. Players who participated in the closed beta can now receive the Kosi's Overalls skin.

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