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X Considers Reintroducing Downvote Feature for Replies

X, formerly known as Twitter, might reintroduce downvotes for replies. This feature, which was tested in 2021, could improve the ranking of replies. Code hints for this were discovered in the latest iOS update by Aaron Perris, a reverse engineer.

Jay Baxter, a senior staff machine learning engineer at X, suggests using downvotes intelligently. He proposes to only downrank posts if the negative ratings come from users who typically disagree. This method mirrors X's Community Notes, which also relies on consensus among diverse users.

Elon Musk, the owner of X, supports this approach. He commented "True" on Baxter's post.

This consensus-building algorithm could enhance the visibility of better replies in threads. It might also encourage other platforms to adopt similar tools. X's Community Notes have already influenced YouTube to test its own Notes feature.

Other social startups, like Bluesky, are exploring different moderation methods. Bluesky is testing composable moderation, allowing users to customize their app experience by subscribing to various moderation service providers.

X might also hide engagement buttons by default, opting for a gesture-based menu instead.

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