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Hefei Fusion New Energy secures substantial funding, attracting attention to nuclear fusion technology.

Fusion New Energy, a company dedicated to nuclear fusion technology, recently secured a significant round of funding, elevating it to the status of a unicorn. China National Petroleum Corporation's Kunlun Capital and Hefei Science Island Holdings each invested 2.9 billion yuan, acquiring a 20% stake. The company's registered capital increased from 5 billion to 14.5 billion yuan.

Nuclear fusion, the process where light atomic nuclei combine to form heavier ones while releasing immense energy, similar to how the sun emits light and heat, is known as controlled nuclear fusion, or "artificial sun." It aims to harness nuclear fusion reactions for energy supply, regarded as an almost limitless clean energy source.

The global venture capital community has a strong interest in nuclear fusion, anticipating it to be the next arena for "thousand-fold returns." Despite numerous challenges, investors and entrepreneurs remain actively engaged, hoping to address the energy crisis and climate crisis, and to propel technological revolution.

Hefei, with its significant scientific infrastructure in the field of nuclear fusion, has become a global hub for nuclear fusion research. The rise of Fusion New Energy is not only a victory for capital but also a symbol of technological advancement.

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