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MiHoYo's new game "Zenless Zone Zero" is a global bestseller, topping the App Store download charts in multiple countries.

"Zenless Zone Zero," the new title from miHoYo, is an urban action-adventure game. Pre-downloads have commenced, topping the free charts in 138 countries on the App Store. With over 40 million global reservations, the game is set to launch on July 4th.

miHoYo, known for its continuous innovation, has showcased its technical and creative prowess from "Genshin Impact" to "Zenless Zone Zero." Amidst a competitive gaming market, "Zenless Zone Zero" has garnered global attention thanks to its high-quality content and extensive promotion.

This move not only solidifies miHoYo's market position but also propels the gaming industry forward. Anticipation is high for the public testing of "Zenless Zone Zero," with expectations that it will become one of the hottest games of the year.

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