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AI-Powered Poetry Matching App: Bridging Art and Technology

AI-Powered Poetry Matching App: Bridging Art and Technology

"诗境" is an AI app that pairs photos with ancient Chinese poetry. Users upload images, and the app matches them with poems. Features include translations, multiple poem options, and customizable card designs for sharing.

Tech-wise, it uses Vue for the frontend, Python and MySQL for the backend. AI components include Gemini, LangChain, m3e, and chroma.

This tool helps those who capture beauty but struggle to express it poetically. It blends technology and culture, making poetry accessible and shareable.


  • Vue: A popular JavaScript framework for building user interfaces.
  • Python: A programming language known for its readability and versatility.
  • MySQL: A widely used database management system.
  • AI components: Specific technologies or models used in artificial intelligence to analyze and process data.

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