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Global Undersea Cable Project to Transfer Renewable Energy

Entrepreneurs are planning a massive undersea cable project. Six cables, each over 2,000 miles long, would span the Atlantic, connecting Europe and North America with the aim of transmitting 6 gigawatts of renewable energy. This is equivalent to the power output of six nuclear plants, moving energy at the speed of light.

The concept is to harness the sun's daily cycle. When Europe is sunny and has excess power, it could send this energy west to the U.S. Later, when the sun is over America, Europe would receive the energy back. It's a straightforward idea.

This is not merely a fantasy. Similar projects are emerging globally. Europe already connects with its neighbors through sea cables. The UK links with Belgium, Norway, the Netherlands, and Denmark. They are also considering a solar and wind link with Morocco.

Australia plans to send solar power to Singapore. India and Saudi Arabia aim to connect via the Arabian Sea. These cables are not just about energy; they are reshaping geopolitics, shifting power struggles to the ocean depths.

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