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Hackers Threaten to Leak Taylor Swift Ticket Data

Hackers Threaten to Leak Taylor Swift Ticket Data

Hackers, calling themselves ShinyHunters, claim they've got barcode data for Taylor Swift's Eras tour tickets. They want millions from Ticketmaster or they'll leak it.

Ticketmaster says no deal. They claim their tech updates barcodes too fast for the hackers' data to work. Cybersecurity experts agree, saying the stolen data is useless for making fake tickets.

ShinyHunters have a history of big hacks, hitting companies like Santander, AT&T, and Microsoft. They've hit Ticketmaster before, grabbing data on 560 million customers earlier this year.

Ticketmaster's parent company, Live Nation, is already in hot water. The US Department of Justice is suing them for monopolizing ticket sales. They've also botched Swift's tour sales, leading to long waits and high resale prices.

Swift's tour has been a target before. Hackers hit Australian ticket seller Ticketek, stealing accounts and reselling tickets.

Cyberattacks and ransom demands are on the rise. In 2023, victims paid over $1.1 billion in ransoms. The UK's National Health Service is still recovering from a major attack.

ShinyHunters tried selling stolen bank and credit card info from Santander. The FBI and DOJ shut down their forum, but they just moved to another site.

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