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Hamas Proposes Cease-Fire Amendments, Mediators Respond Positively

Hamas' proposed amendments to a cease-fire have received positive responses from mediators, while Israel's stance remains ambiguous. Negotiations had stalled but are now revived, with U.S., Qatari, and Egyptian mediators involved. Hamas demands the withdrawal of Israeli troops and an end to the war, whereas Israel aims to eliminate Hamas before halting the conflict.

The Gaza war, lasting nine months, has caused extensive devastation. 2.3 million people have been displaced, often multiple times. Humanitarian aid is restricted, leading to widespread hunger and fears of famine. A U.N. court has identified a "plausible risk of genocide," a claim denied by Israel.

The war was sparked by Hamas' attack on October 7th, with Israeli offensives resulting in over 38,000 deaths in Gaza, according to the Health Ministry, which counts all casualties without distinguishing between combatants and civilians.

Recent events include:

  • Seven Palestinians killed in the West Bank.
  • Israel is considering Hamas' cease-fire response.
  • Iran's presidential runoff sees low turnout.
  • Fires mark the conflict on the Lebanon-Israel border.
  • Pro-Palestinian protesters breach Australia's Parliament House.

Hamas' amendments focus on a full cease-fire, Israeli withdrawal, and the release of hostages. Israel's response is pending, and negotiation dates are unscheduled. Hamas insists on no foreign forces in Gaza and a purely Palestinian administration.

The U.S. suggests regional countries contribute to post-war scenarios in Gaza. Hamas meets with Hezbollah to discuss ongoing negotiations and regional security.

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