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Labour Party Wins Big in UK Election, Set to Lead Major Changes

Labour Party Wins Big in UK Election, Set to Lead Major Changes

LONDON — Labour's significant victory in the U.K. election positions Keir Starmer to become the next prime minister. Exit polls indicate Labour securing a substantial majority, ending the Conservatives' 14-year reign. In his victory speech, Starmer declared, "People are ready for change."

Rishi Sunak, the incumbent PM, retained his seat but experienced a drop in his vote share by over 15%. Defence Secretary Grant Shapps was defeated by Labour. Nigel Farage, representing Reform UK, secured his first parliamentary seat, emphasizing immigration as a pivotal issue.

Labour's Rachel Reeves maintained her seat, potentially becoming the first female chancellor. Reform UK, known for its stringent immigration policies, might gain 13 seats, a notable increase from their zero seats in 2019.

This election signifies a transformative shift in U.K. politics, with Labour set to enact significant reforms after years in opposition.

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