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Masayoshi Son invests a hundred billion dollars, SoftBank transforms into an AI leading company.

Masayoshi Son, CEO of SoftBank, plans to invest $100 billion with the goal of making SoftBank a leader in the AI field. The investment focus includes AI energy projects, involving energy supply and the use of NVIDIA AI accelerator cards. Masayoshi Son predicts that within the next decade, AI smarter than humans by a factor of ten thousand will emerge.

SoftBank's stock prices have hit new highs due to its innovative expansion strategy in AI. The company has committed to investing $50 billion in the AI sector and is seeking to raise $1000 billion to create an AI chip company. Additionally, SoftBank is considering investing in OpenAI and leading Indian entrepreneurs on a tour of Silicon Valley to explore AI technology.

Masayoshi Son himself uses ChatGPT daily, demonstrating his emphasis and reliance on AI technology.

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