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Massive Password Leak Exposes Nearly 10 Billion Credentials

On July 4, a hacker posted a file containing nearly 10 billion passwords on a forum. This list, known as RockYou2024, is the largest ever leaked, surpassing RockYou2021, which held 8.4 billion passwords.

Hackers utilize these lists for brute force attacks, attempting numerous password combinations rapidly. With RockYou2024, they now have an extensive collection of real-world passwords to test.

This leak heightens the risk of credential stuffing attacks, which exploit stolen account details to gain access to other services.

Users are advised to update their passwords and employ multi-factor authentication, thereby adding an additional layer of security.

The hacker, identified as ObamaCare, updated the older list with fresh data from recent leaks, incorporating an additional 1.5 billion passwords.

Currently, it is uncertain whether any private data has been compromised directly due to this list. However, it is prudent to assume that your password might be included.

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