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USA Basketball Team Prepares for Olympic Gold in Las Vegas

U.S. Olympic basketball team gathers in Las Vegas, aiming for gold in Paris. Coach Steve Kerr recalls Kobe Bryant's advice: "If everyone else is getting better, then the U.S. better find ways to do the same."

Stephen Curry leads arrivals, eager for his first Olympics. The team, a mix of veterans and newcomers, starts serious bonding at practice. Bam Adebayo, a gold medalist from Tokyo, emphasizes the importance of honest team conversations.

Last year's World Cup disappointment fuels this year's resolve. The roster, featuring stars like LeBron James and Kevin Durant, is stacked. Kerr faces the challenge of selecting a starting lineup from a Hall of Fame-caliber squad.

The team's exhibition schedule includes matches against Canada, Australia, Serbia, South Sudan, and Germany. Curry expresses excitement for the unified goal: winning gold.

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