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Apple to Release Q2 Earnings and New Product Sales Data

Apple is set to release its Q2 financial results on August 2, which are expected to include sales figures for new products such as the新款iPad Pro. Prior to the earnings report, Apple introduced the M3 MacBook Air and new versions of the iPad Pro/Air. In the previous fiscal quarter, total revenue fell by 4% year-over-year, with a decline of 8.1% in the Greater China region.

The new iPad Pro aims to ship more than 9 million units. Apple plans to release the新款iPhone 16 next year, positioned above the Pro Max. The new iPad Air/Pro will no longer include stickers in their packaging. Apple does not intend to hold a launch event for the new iPad and is expected to release it directly online.

The iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini 4 have been classified as obsolete products. Apple is planning to introduce an OLED iPad Pro and a new iPad Air. Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that Apple has reduced its annual iPhone shipment target to 200 million units.

Apple will launch a 14.1-inch iPad Pro next year. The initial orders for the iPhone 15/Pro have entered the "ready to ship" phase. Apple has optimized the retail approach for the iPhone 15 series, offering next-day delivery services.

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