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Gabriel Attal Resigns Amid Political Uncertainty

Gabriel Attal, France's Prime Minister, plans to resign. This follows the recent parliamentary elections where his party, Ensemble, and allies secured 150-180 seats. The New Popular Front leads with 180-215 seats. The far-right Rassemblement National, which won the first vote, trails behind.

France faces a hung parliament, with no single party holding an absolute majority. This scenario requires coalition building for governance. Attal, appointed in January, is expected to step down, setting the stage for new political alignments.

Attal emphasized the rejection of extreme majorities by the electorate. He views this as a new era for France, though uncertainty looms over the formation of a ruling coalition.

President Emmanuel Macron intends to complete his term until 2027, regardless of the election outcome. The markets watch closely as France navigates this political transition.

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