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Novel Electrically Charged Adsorbent Enhances Efficient Carbon Capture

Novel Electrically Charged Adsorbent Enhances Efficient Carbon Capture

Professor Li Huaiguang and his team have developed a new type of charged adsorbent that can efficiently capture carbon dioxide from the air. During a continuous 11-day test, the performance of this adsorbent remained at 100%, and after 14 months, it only dropped by 8%. Its adsorption heat reaches 137 kJ mol⁻¹, showing a strong affinity for carbon dioxide.

The charged adsorbent utilizes electrochemical technology, employing charged ions as adsorption sites to achieve efficient carbon dioxide capture. Its preparation process is similar to charging a battery, with low costs and readily available raw materials. The adsorbent boasts high chemical adsorption capacity and low physical adsorption desorption energy consumption, significantly reducing the energy cost of carbon capture.

This technology leverages the principles of supercapacitors, enhancing carbon capture efficiency through precise control of charging voltage and optimization of key components. Professor Li Huaiguang's team is dedicated to transferring this laboratory technology to industrial production and plans to integrate AI technology to enhance system intelligence and stability.

This innovative technology is expected to become an important tool in addressing climate change and achieving carbon neutrality goals.

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