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RBC Highlights AI's Disruptive Potential Across Industries

RBC Capital Markets views AI as a game-changer, extending beyond tech giants like Nvidia and Amazon. They believe AI will disrupt industries and reshape interactions, much like the PC and the internet did.

Meta Platforms, parent of Facebook, is capitalizing on this trend, with a 52% increase this year. RBC anticipates that digital ads and virtual assistants will further boost Meta's growth.

Software stocks such as CrowdStrike and Adobe are also gaining attention. CrowdStrike benefits from increased security demands, while Adobe's AI tools, like Firefly, enhance creativity and digital advertising.

Accenture stands out in IT services, with AI bookings exceeding $2 billion. They are recognized as leaders in cloud migration and data management.

Other beneficiaries include Eaton for liquid cooling, Shopify for e-commerce, and Thomson Reuters and Moody's for data and analytics.

RBC believes AI's impact will unfold over several years, but its potential is immense. They suggest that the market underestimates AI's disruptive power.

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