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Study Reveals PFAS Chemicals Can Penetrate Human Skin

Study Reveals PFAS Chemicals Can Penetrate Human Skin

Recent study shows PFAS, "forever chemicals," can soak through skin. This challenges old beliefs and highlights a new way we're exposed. PFAS are used everywhere, from clothes to cosmetics, because they repel water and stains. Some are banned, but many aren't, and their dangers aren't fully known.

PFAS are linked to health issues like weak immune responses, liver problems, and low birth weights. Before, it was thought PFAS couldn't pass through skin. But new research, using 3D skin models, found most PFAS can get in through skin.

Oddný Ragnarsdóttir, the lead researcher, says past thinking was wrong. PFAS, due to their electric charge, were thought to be blocked by skin. Not so, says the study. It found 15 out of 17 tested PFAS could be absorbed, some quite easily.

The study suggests more research is needed on how these chemicals affect us. Especially since industries are moving to shorter-chain PFAS, thinking they're safer. But these might be absorbed more easily, raising new concerns.

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