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Taiwan's Walsin Lihwa Expands into Offshore Wind Energy

Taiwan's Walsin Lihwa Expands into Offshore Wind Energy

Walsin Lihwa, a major Taiwanese manufacturer of stainless steel and terrestrial power cables, is venturing into submarine power cables for offshore wind farms. They are partnering with Denmark's NKT Group through a joint venture, Walsin Energy Cable System. The objective is to support Taiwan's renewable energy initiative, aiming to increase offshore wind capacity from 2.25 GW to over 20 GW by 2035.

The new facility in Kaohsiung, scheduled for a test run in 2025 and full-scale production by 2027, is not only targeting Taiwan but also the broader Asia-Pacific region. This strategic move capitalizes on a global shortage of cables, fueled by a surge in offshore wind projects.

Submarine power cables, crucial for transmitting energy from wind farms to land, are large and require exceptional durability. Only a handful of top-tier suppliers exist worldwide. Walsin Lihwa faces challenges, particularly a shortage of expertise in submarine cables. They are tackling this by sending employees to Denmark for training.

This venture is pivotal for Taiwan's energy transition, aiming to decrease dependence on nuclear, coal, and gas. It is also essential for attracting high-tech investments, given Taiwan's strategic position in the semiconductor and AI sectors.

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