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German Government's Bitcoin Sales Cause Market Volatility

German Government's Bitcoin Sales Cause Market Volatility

Germany's government has been selling large amounts of bitcoin, causing market volatility. The sales began last month, with the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) selling 900 bitcoins in June, followed by additional sales of 3,000 and 2,739 bitcoins in subsequent weeks. These sales, along with others from the collapsed exchange Mt. Gox, have pushed bitcoin's price down.

The German government seized nearly 50,000 bitcoins in 2024 from a movie piracy site, worth around $2.2 billion at the time. Currently, the BKA holds about 32,488 bitcoins, valued at roughly $1.9 billion. Some, like Bundestag member Joana Cotar, argue the government should hold onto bitcoin as a strategic reserve currency rather than sell it.

Despite the significant sales, bitcoin's overall market remains large, with around 19.7 million bitcoins in circulation, worth $1.1 trillion. The impact of these sales on bitcoin's price underscores the cryptocurrency's sensitivity to large-scale transactions and government actions.

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