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Myanmar Military's Escalating Bombings on Civilians

Myanmar Military's Escalating Bombings on Civilians

Myanmar's military, relentless, bombs civilians daily. 2024, a record year: 819 airstrikes, 359 dead, 756 wounded. Sanctions on jet fuel, meant to halt this, failed. U.S., Australia, Canada, EU, U.K. tried, but Myanmar adapted, sourced fuel from China, Malaysia, Vietnam. Amnesty International calls these bombings war crimes.

Jet A1 fuel, crucial for airstrikes, slipped through sanctions. Myanmar, lacking refining capacity, relies on imports. Singapore, main supplier, cut ties. Thailand emerged, supplying fuel via two companies, two banks. Swan Energy, a Yangon trader, claimed 100% market share, importing 10,000 tonnes monthly.

The military, embattled, doubles airstrikes, losing ground to insurgents. Civilians pay the price, caught in escalating violence. International efforts, fragmented, prove insufficient. Myanmar's military, undeterred, continues its campaign, indifferent to global outcry.

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