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Tech Enthusiast Weekly(2024-06-10) : 5G Commercialization in China: Economic Impact and Network Expansion

5G Commercialization in China: Economic Impact and Network Expansion

Summary: The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced that five years into the commercial use of 5G, it has directly spurred economic output of 5.6 trillion yuan and indirectly driven 14 trillion yuan. China has established 374.8 million 5G base stations, achieving widespread coverage. The 5G Advanced (5.5G) network is now commercially operational and plans to expand to 300 cities, enhancing network coverage in remote areas.


  • 5G: The fifth generation of wireless technology, providing faster data speeds and more reliable connections than previous generations.
  • 5G Advanced (5.5G): An interim upgrade to 5G, enhancing its capabilities before the full deployment of 6G.
  • MIIT: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a Chinese government agency responsible for industry and information policies.

Tech News

Fiber Internet Expansion in the U.S. Reaches 43% in 2023

Fiber internet availability in the U.S. expanded from 38% to 43% in 2023, marking a significant increase of 10 million units. This growth is expected to continue in densely populated or rapidly developing regions, particularly those served by local fiber providers. Residents are encouraged to sign up for notifications or request service to support and accelerate local expansion efforts.


Microsoft Xbox Showcase Highlights New Consoles and Gaming Innovations

Microsoft's Xbox Showcase Event unveiled a new all-digital Series X console, expanding color and storage options for both Series X and S. Set for a holiday release in select markets, these enhancements aim to broaden player choices across Xbox consoles, PC, and cloud gaming. The showcase highlighted Xbox's dedication to game preservation and technical innovation, striving to establish Xbox as the leading gaming platform.

The event's narrative explored themes of national security, personal betrayal, and heroic identity, delving into broader inquiries about power and responsibility. The dialogue, filled with tension and nuanced meanings, hints at games that will deeply engage with complex narratives and moral quandaries.

This event reinforces Microsoft's strategic move to merge hardware advancements with compelling storytelling, positioning Xbox as a frontrunner in both technological and narrative innovation within the gaming industry.


Microsoft Announces Discless Xbox Series X and Special Edition with Enhanced Storage

Microsoft unveils a discless Xbox Series X, dubbed the "All Digital Edition," priced at $450, a $50 reduction from its disc-equipped counterpart. This new model, featuring a sleek robot white design, mirrors the original's 1TB SSD capacity, indicating a move towards digital-only gaming.

Simultaneously, Microsoft introduces a Galaxy Black Special Edition of the Series X, characterized by a striking speckled black finish, a green base plate, and a doubled storage capacity of 2TB. Priced at $600, it matches the cost of standard models with additional storage.

The Series S also gets an update, retaining its white exterior but now matching the black edition's 1TB storage, with no price change at $350. All three consoles are scheduled for release during the 2024 holiday season, reflecting Microsoft's strategy to diversify its offerings and cater to a range of consumer preferences in gaming.


Guangdong plans to exceed 3000 billion yuan in AI industry scale and achieve a computing power of 60 EFLOPS by 2027.

Summary: Guangdong plans to have an AI core industry scale exceeding 300 billion yuan by 2025, with a computing power of 40 EFLOPS. By 2027, the computing power will surpass 60 EFLOPS, establishing a nationwide leading algorithm and computing power network. The focus will be on developing the AI chip ecosystem and intelligent perception industries, promoting independent and controllable large-model products.


  • AI Core Industry Scale: Refers to the economic aggregate of the main industries within the field of artificial intelligence.
  • Computing Power (EFLOPS): A unit measuring the processing capability of computers, where 1 EFLOPS equals 10^18 floating-point operations per second.
  • AI Chip Ecosystem: Refers to the complete industrial chain formed around AI chips, including design, manufacturing, and application.
  • Intelligent Perception Industry: Involves industries that utilize sensors and other technologies to achieve environmental perception and data collection.

Top VPNs for Streaming in 2024: A Comprehensive Review

Best VPN for Streaming in 2024 - CNET Summary

CNET experts, Attila Tomaschek and Moe Long, rigorously tested VPNs for streaming in 2024. Their top pick, ExpressVPN, excels in privacy, security, and streaming capabilities. Despite being pricey, it offers robust features like a kill switch and split tunneling, making it user-friendly across various devices.

ExpressVPN stands out for its ability to access international streaming content with minimal speed loss. It unblocked foreign libraries of Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix during tests. However, it only supports eight simultaneous connections and has a higher cost compared to competitors.

Another notable choice is NordVPN, praised for its blazing-fast speeds and strong privacy features. It performed well in unblocking streaming services and showed minimal speed reduction during tests.

Both VPNs are effective tools for accessing geo-restricted content, enhancing privacy, and maintaining decent internet speeds while streaming.


  • VPN (Virtual Private Network): A service that encrypts your internet connection and routes it through a server in another location, masking your IP address and enhancing privacy.
  • Kill Switch: A feature that prevents network data from leaking outside of the secure VPN tunnel if the VPN connection fails.
  • Split Tunneling: Allows some traffic to go through the VPN while other traffic bypasses it, enhancing speed and access to local network devices.

Affordable Alternatives to Adobe's Creative Cloud Software

Affordable Alternatives to Adobe's Creative Cloud Software Affordable Alternatives to Adobe's Creative Cloud Software Affordable Alternatives to Adobe's Creative Cloud Software Affordable Alternatives to Adobe's Creative Cloud Software Affordable Alternatives to Adobe's Creative Cloud Software

Adobe's Creative Cloud, with its substantial monthly fees, isn't suitable for everyone. There are numerous alternatives that provide similar tools at a fraction of the cost or even for free.

Photoshop Alternatives:

  • Affinity Photo: Available for a one-time fee of $69.99, it closely mimics Photoshop's interface, facilitating a smooth transition. It is comprehensive, available across multiple platforms, and includes an iPad version for $18.49.
  • GIMP: This free and open-source software has been a mainstay for decades. Although its interface may seem outdated, its functionality is robust.

Illustrator Alternatives:

  • Affinity Designer: Also priced at $69.99, it is highly regarded for its vector-based design capabilities, now featuring a trace function. Similar to Affinity Photo, it offers versions for both desktop and iPad.
  • Inkscape: Another free, open-source choice, it effectively manages vector graphics but is hindered by a somewhat cumbersome interface.

InDesign Alternatives:

  • Affinity Publisher: At $69.99, it is excellent for desktop publishing, matching InDesign's layout capabilities. It is versatile, used for tasks ranging from creating flyers to designing books, and includes an iPad version.
  • Scribus: Free and open-source, it serves as a viable, albeit less refined, alternative for desktop publishing.

These alternatives pose a significant challenge to Adobe's market dominance by offering substantial features at much lower costs, appealing to both budget-conscious and experienced designers.



Remembering William Anders: The Astronaut Behind the Iconic 'Earthrise' Photo

William Anders, astronaut and photographer of the iconic "Earthrise" image, has passed away at the age of 90. His photograph, captured during Apollo 8's lunar orbit, unveiled Earth's fragility and spurred the environmental movement. A poignant reminder emerges: in our quest to reach the moon, we rediscovered our own planet.


Magnesium Sulfate Reduces Cerebral Palsy Risk in Preterm Infants

Magnesium sulfate, a simple compound, now shields very preterm infants from cerebral palsy and death. A recent study confirms its protective powers.

Cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder, impairs movement and coordination. It often results from brain damage in early development. Preterm birth, before 37 weeks, heightens this risk.

The study reveals that magnesium sulfate, when administered to pregnant women at risk of early delivery, significantly reduces the incidence of cerebral palsy in their infants. It also lowers mortality rates among these vulnerable babies.

This treatment, straightforward and effective, offers hope. It's a clear victory in the complex battle against the challenges of premature birth.


Apple's WWDC 2024: AI Integration and Software Updates

Apple's WWDC 2024: AI Integration and Software Updates Apple's WWDC 2024: AI Integration and Software Updates

Apple's WWDC 2024, themed "Coming in swiftly," promises a significant focus on AI integration across its ecosystem. The anticipated iOS 18 update, among others, aims to enhance user interaction with features like customizable control centers and AI-powered tools for tasks such as voice transcription and image editing. Notably, Apple plans to integrate OpenAI's ChatGPT and potentially Google's Gemini model, reflecting a strategic approach to AI partnerships.

The update also introduces RCS support, aiming to improve cross-platform communication. Siri, though not fully AI-enhanced until 2025, will see improvements in natural language processing. Across devices, from macOS to watchOS, updates are tailored to refine user experiences, emphasizing personalization and performance.

Apple's Vision Pro, recently cleared for the Chinese market, may see updates with generative AI, potentially revolutionizing AR/VR interactions. Despite hardware rumors, the event will primarily spotlight software advancements, underscoring Apple's commitment to enhancing its digital ecosystem through AI.


NASA's Webb Telescope Discovers Ancient Galaxy, Sheds Light on Early Universe

NASA's Webb Telescope Discovers Ancient Galaxy, Sheds Light on Early Universe NASA's Webb Telescope Discovers Ancient Galaxy, Sheds Light on Early Universe

NASA's James Webb Telescope has revealed a galaxy, JADES-GS-z14-0, dating back to just 2.9 billion years after the Big Bang. This galaxy, with a redshift of 14.32, breaks previous records, suggesting an unexpectedly swift formation of galaxies in the universe's early stages.

The discovery, part of the JWST Advanced Deep Extragalactic Survey (JADES), employed the telescope's Near-Infrared Camera (NIRCam) and Spectrograph (NIRSpec) to capture and analyze the light from this distant galaxy. The high redshift indicates that the light has been stretched to longer, redder wavelengths due to the universe's expansion, enabling Webb's instruments to detect it.

This galaxy's luminosity and size—over 1600 light-years in diameter—imply a mass several hundred million times that of the Sun, challenging existing theories on early galaxy formation. Furthermore, the presence of oxygen suggests that multiple generations of massive stars had already formed and perished, enriching the galaxy with heavy elements.

These findings not only establish a new distance record but also underscore the complexity and rapid evolution of galaxies in the universe's early epochs. This discovery provides a fresh perspective on understanding the initial stages of cosmic structure formation.


AI Model MSSC-BiMamba Enhances Sleep Disorder Diagnosis Efficiency

AI Model MSSC-BiMamba Enhances Sleep Disorder Diagnosis Efficiency

An AI model developed by a team led by Professor Guo Jingjing at Macau Polytechnic University, named MSSC-BiMamba, is proficient in analyzing polysomnography (PSG) data. PSG, recognized as the gold standard for sleep monitoring, records brain waves, eye movements, and heart rate to evaluate sleep stages and disorders.

Model Breakdown

MSSC-BiMamba integrates efficient channel attention mechanisms with a bidirectional state space model, termed BiMamba, which effectively captures complex, long-range dependencies in PSG data, essential for precise sleep staging and disorder detection.

Impact and Applications

With a lightweight design featuring only 0.47M parameters, the model facilitates rapid analysis, making it suitable for deployment on various platforms. Its applications include:

  1. Clinical Aid: Reducing the manual workload of PSG analysis, enhancing diagnostic speed and accuracy.
  2. Remote Healthcare: Allowing at-home sleep monitoring with remote data analysis by physicians.
  3. Personalized Sleep Improvement: Providing customized advice based on analyzed sleep data.
  4. Research and Drug Development: Automating large-scale sleep data analysis to assist in evaluating the effects of new medications on sleep.

Future Directions

The team aims to improve the model's generalizability and efficiency across different datasets, refine diagnostic criteria for various sleep disorders, and develop an interactive online platform for personalized sleep analysis.


This innovation not only simplifies the diagnosis of sleep disorders but also broadens access to advanced sleep analysis, potentially enhancing public health by addressing a common yet frequently neglected aspect of well-being.


James Webb Space Telescope Explores Potentially Habitable Exoplanets

James Webb Space Telescope Explores Potentially Habitable Exoplanets James Webb Space Telescope Explores Potentially Habitable Exoplanets James Webb Space Telescope Explores Potentially Habitable Exoplanets

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is investigating small, potentially habitable exoplanets by analyzing their atmospheres using transmission spectroscopy. This task is intricate due to the faint signals and prolonged observation times needed. Exoplanets, abundant in our galaxy, orbit within habitable zones around stars, though not all are assured to harbor life.

JWST concentrates on transiting exoplanets, whose orbital alignments allow direct observation of their atmospheres. Identifying atmospheric components, particularly water vapor and biosignatures, is challenging due to the thin atmospheres of rocky planets and the obscuring effects of clouds or haze.

Recent research on exoplanet LHS 1140 b indicates that detecting biosignatures might necessitate up to 200 hours of observation under optimal conditions. The concept of ocean planets, featuring thin hydrogen atmospheres above extensive liquid water oceans, presents a novel approach for biosignature detection.

JWST's capabilities facilitate the sensitive detection of crucial life-indicating molecules. Although definitive evidence of habitability is still elusive, JWST's discoveries will guide future missions, such as the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, setting the stage for a dedicated observatory to search for life on Earth-like planets.

The quest for life beyond Earth is demanding, requiring ideal conditions and extensive observation. Nonetheless, this pursuit is vital, as each discovery brings us closer to comprehending our cosmic context.



Transforming Kids' Sketches into Animation: META AI's Experimental Tool

An AI tool, "Animated Drawings," transforms children's sketches into animated content. Developed by META AI, it's a free, experimental tool with commercial potential. Visit to explore.


Hadana-io: AI-Powered Personalized Travel Planning

Hadana-io: AI-Powered Personalized Travel Planning Hadana-io: AI-Powered Personalized Travel Planning Hadana-io: AI-Powered Personalized Travel Planning

Hadana-io: AI travel planner. Generates itineraries, optimizes trips, suggests adventures. Uses Generative AI—tech that creates content autonomously. Simplifies travel planning by personalizing it.

Generative AI: AI that creates text, images, or media based on trained data. Here, it tailors travel plans.


KIT.DOMAINS: Comprehensive Domain Health Monitoring Solution

KIT.DOMAINS: Comprehensive Domain Health Monitoring Solution KIT.DOMAINS: Comprehensive Domain Health Monitoring Solution KIT.DOMAINS: Comprehensive Domain Health Monitoring Solution KIT.DOMAINS: Comprehensive Domain Health Monitoring Solution KIT.DOMAINS: Comprehensive Domain Health Monitoring Solution

KIT.DOMAINS streamlines domain oversight, flagging expiration and SSL issues. Centralize monitoring to ensure website stability and uninterrupted traffic.


AI-Driven Fashion Shopping Assistant

AI-Driven Fashion Shopping Assistant leverages AI, large language models (LLMs), and diffusion models to revolutionize fashion retail. AI emulates human intelligence, LLMs comprehend and produce text, and diffusion models generate realistic images. The outcome: a more intelligent and effortless clothing commerce experience.


Hands-On Learning Guides for Building Core Technologies from Scratch

"Build-Your-Own-X" offers a hands-on approach to learning technology by crafting it. The guides delve into various tech areas including 3D rendering, Augmented Reality (AR), BitTorrent, blockchain, and Command-Line Interface (CLI) tools. Through practical builds, learners gain insight into the depth and ingenuity of these technologies.

  • 3D Renderer: Software that generates 3D images on a screen.
  • Augmented Reality (AR): Technology that overlays computer-generated information onto the real world.
  • BitTorrent: A protocol for sharing large files across the internet.
  • Blockchain: A secure, decentralized ledger system for recording transactions.
  • Command-Line Tool: Software operated through text commands in a terminal.

Microsoft Edge Introduces AI-Generated Workspaces with Bing Integration

Microsoft Edge Introduces AI-Generated Workspaces with Bing Integration Microsoft Edge Introduces AI-Generated Workspaces with Bing Integration

Microsoft Edge introduces AI-powered workspaces, tailored to Bing searches. This experimental feature automatically populates a workspace with relevant tabs for tasks like recipes or DIY projects, ensuring privacy by not storing search data. To activate, enable the feature and restart Edge.

  • Edge Workspaces: A shared browser session feature, now AI-enhanced to curate relevant websites based on search queries.
  • AI-generated workspaces: AI in Bing suggests and opens multiple relevant sites in a dedicated workspace, triggered by specific search queries.

Command-Line Video Download Tool: yt-dlp Features and Usage

yt-dlp, a command-line tool, downloads videos from a wide range of platforms. It provides options such as --help, --version, and --update for user assistance, version checking, and updates. Users can manage downloads using --ignore-errors or --abort-on-error.

The tool handles extractors, which are mechanisms for pulling data from various sites, using --use-extractors and --default-search. For live streams, it includes features like --live-from-start and --wait-for-video. Output formatting is managed by --color, and compatibility is ensured with --compat-options.

Essentially, yt-dlp is a robust tool for video downloads, tailored for users proficient with the command line.



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We are launching the first-ever tech accelerator for individuals under 20. Inspired by the Thiel Fellowship and Y Combinator, we have developed an accelerator model that follows a "bootcamp-hackathon-incubator" approach, designed to accelerate the first entrepreneurial venture of young individuals. The Thiel Fellowship, established in 2014, notably discovered Vitalik, while YC has long been recognized as the most prestigious startup incubator in the industry. We are not a startup school, nor are we a mere replication of existing models.

Refurbishing a 10th Generation Mac mini: A Detailed Guide

Refurbishing a 10th Generation Mac mini: A Detailed Guide Refurbishing a 10th Generation Mac mini: A Detailed Guide Refurbishing a 10th Generation Mac mini: A Detailed Guide Refurbishing a 10th Generation Mac mini: A Detailed Guide Refurbishing a 10th Generation Mac mini: A Detailed Guide

Restoring a 10th generation Mac mini, specifically the 2009 2.26 Core Duo 2-based model, requires careful disassembly and attention to detail. This model, known for its polycarbonate and aluminum shell, differs from earlier minis with internal improvements that simplify refurbishment.

Tools needed include a spackling tool, screwdrivers, a spudger, scissors, compressed air, and a flashlight. The process begins by opening the case with the spackling tool, then removing the DVD-R drive and its associated components. Later models feature a lighter, quieter DVD drive, though with slower access times.

Next, remove the drive carrier by unscrewing it from the base. This step reveals the motherboard and other internal components, which require careful handling to avoid damage.

Refurbishing these older Mac minis can breathe new life into them, making them functional and efficient despite their age. However, the process demands precision and patience, suitable only for those confident in their technical abilities.


Strategic Board Game 'Trajan' Explained: A Historical and Strategic Challenge

Strategic Board Game 'Trajan' Explained: A Historical and Strategic Challenge

In "圖拉真《Trajan》桌遊教學框架," the author outlines the strategic complexities of a board game inspired by the Roman Emperor Trajan. Players vie to become his favored successor by excelling in various domains: military, trade, construction, and political influence. The game spans four years, each divided into seasons, with strategic decisions affecting outcomes.

The setup involves selecting key game components and distributing resources. Each player's turn revolves around a "播棋" mechanism, determining actions based on where the pieces land. Actions include trading goods, mobilizing troops, influencing the senate, gathering intelligence, and constructing buildings.

Success hinges on balancing immediate gains with long-term strategies, as unused resources at game's end yield points. The detailed guide serves as a reusable framework for teaching the game, emphasizing the importance of understanding each action's implications.

This game not only entertains but also subtly teaches the dynamics of leadership and resource management, making it a cerebral pastime. The strategic depth and historical context enrich the gaming experience, offering more than mere diversion.


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