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Tech Enthusiast Weekly(2024-06-09) : Top 5 AI Tools Revolutionizing Content Creation in 2024

Top 5 AI Tools Revolutionizing Content Creation in 2024

In 2024, AI tools are pivotal in content creation, with 30% of marketing messages AI-generated. Five notable tools include:

  1. Magic Studio: An AI design platform enabling effortless image editing and design suggestions, suitable for e-commerce and social media.
  2. DeepBrain AI Studios: Converts text to video using realistic AI avatars and natural text-to-speech, ideal for educators and marketers.
  3. NeuralText: Aids in SEO-optimized content creation through keyword clustering and SERP analysis, targeting content marketers and SEO professionals.
  4. Jasper (formerly Jarvis): An AI writing assistant versatile in generating various content types, assisting bloggers and businesses.
  5. Lumen5: Transforms content into engaging videos, simplifying video production for various users.

AI in content creation is not a replacement for human creativity but a tool to enhance and streamline the creative process. These tools offer efficiency and innovation, crucial in the evolving digital landscape.

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Tech News

AI Tool Fytted Helps Online Shoppers Find the Right Fit

Startup Fytted offers an AI tool for online clothing shoppers. By scanning your body with your phone, it helps ensure the right fit before purchase.

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Efficient Thermostat Settings for Energy Savings

During the summer heat, set your thermostat to 78°F when you're at home, 82°F at night, and 85°F when you're away. In winter, keep it at 68°F and reduce it by 7-10°F for eight hours daily. This approach can reduce your annual energy bill by up to 10%.

A common misconception is that lowering the AC temperature cools the space faster; it actually only achieves a 15-20°F difference from the outdoor temperature.

Optimal thermostat placement is essential: avoid areas with drafts or direct sunlight. Install it on an interior wall in a frequently used area for the best performance.

Smart or programmable thermostats automate these settings, minimizing manual adjustments and increasing energy savings.

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US States Plan to Ban Gas-Powered Cars by 2035

California is spearheading the movement, mandating the transition to zero-emission vehicles by 2035. This policy, adopted by 11 other states, seeks to gradually eliminate gas-powered cars, thereby reducing air pollution and associated health costs. Each state, adhering to California's rigorous standards under the Clean Air Act, establishes its own timeline, with the majority converging on the 2035 target.

The significance of this shift lies in the replacement of traditional, pollutant-emitting vehicles with electric vehicles (EVs), which operate on electricity stored in batteries and produce no tailpipe emissions.

This transition, while challenging, is essential. It tackles environmental degradation and public health concerns, aligning with broader climate objectives. The adoption of EVs is not merely about cleaner air but also about protecting natural landscapes and human health. It represents a pivotal step towards a sustainable future, where technology and policy unite to address environmental challenges.

Scores Source Study Links Wildfire Smoke to Over 52,000 Deaths in California

Wildfire smoke in California has been linked to over 52,000 deaths in the past decade, according to a study by UCLA researchers. The smoke, containing high levels of PM2.5 particles, infiltrates deep into lungs and bloodstreams, leading to severe health problems such as heart disease and asthma. These particles, which are also present in vehicle exhaust and indoor smoke, pose a particularly high risk when originating from wildfires.

The study emphasizes that PM2.5 from wildfires is more harmful than that from other sources, resulting in an estimated 12,000 premature deaths in 2018 alone. The economic impact is immense, with health costs totaling $432 billion over the decade.

This research highlights the urgent need for improved forest management and climate change mitigation strategies to lessen both the health and economic burdens of wildfires. As global warming exacerbates California's fire seasons, proactive measures are essential to protect public health and the economy.

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Apollo 8 Astronaut William Anders Passes Away in Plane Crash

William Anders, the Apollo 8 astronaut and photographer of the iconic "Earthrise" image, passed away at 90 in a solo plane crash off the San Juan Islands. His legacy includes the first color photo of Earth from space, a poignant image that ignited the environmental movement by unveiling our planet's vulnerability.

A retired major general, Anders piloted the Apollo 8 mission, which was the first to orbit the moon. The "Earthrise" photo, taken during this mission, depicted Earth rising above the lunar surface, a striking contrast of color and life against the barren moonscape. This image profoundly altered humanity's view of Earth, highlighting its isolation and beauty within the cosmos.

Despite the inherent risks, Anders firmly believed in the mission's significance, estimating a one in three chance of failure. His bravery and the lasting impact of his work continue to inspire ongoing exploration and environmental responsibility.

Anders' life was distinguished by service, ranging from his tenure as a fighter pilot to his contributions in nuclear energy and diplomacy. He and his wife established the Heritage Flight Museum, dedicated to preserving aviation history. His passing is deeply mourned by family, friends, and a world forever transformed by his cosmic vision.

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Summer Game Fest 2024: Top Trailers and Gaming Industry Updates

Top 5 Trailers From Summer Game Fest 2024:

  • Highlights include new powers in a theoretical archetype, a shotgun, and a mysterious coffee-related command.

Elden Ring DLC Preview:

  • Features tough bosses, new weapons, and deepens the game's enigmatic lore.

Asus ROG Ally X Gaming Handheld:

  • A new portable gaming device offering a first look at its capabilities.

Top 5 Trailers from Sony's State of Play:

  • Showcases the latest from Sony's gaming showcase.

Switch 2 Announcement:

  • Nintendo confirms the next iteration of its popular console will be announced soon.

New Xbox and PlayStation 5 Pro Leaked:

  • Details emerge about upcoming upgrades to Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth:

  • Revamps the classic game with a vast open-world environment.

Pulse Elite Review:

  • PlayStation's latest gaming headset receives a detailed review.

Everything Xbox Announced at its Business Update:

  • Summarizes Microsoft's latest gaming announcements.

Tech Shows:

  • Brief overviews of various tech-focused shows like The Apple Core, Alphabet City, CNET Top 5, The Daily Charge, and What the Future.

In summary, the gaming industry continues to evolve rapidly, with new hardware and software pushing the boundaries of what's possible. The anticipation for new releases and updates keeps the community engaged and eager for more.

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Binance Introduces Spot Copy Trading for Automated Cryptocurrency Investing

Binance Introduces Spot Copy Trading for Automated Cryptocurrency Investing

Summary: In October 2023, Binance introduced Spot Copy Trading, allowing users to mimic experienced traders' strategies in the cryptocurrency market. This feature simplifies investing by automatically replicating trades of selected "signalers" (experienced traders). Users can view and copy these traders' portfolio configurations, benefiting from their expertise without manual intervention. Signalers earn passive income through a share of profits and transaction fees from followers. The process involves selecting a signaler based on performance metrics like maximum drawdown and Sharpe ratio, then setting investment parameters to start copying trades.

Key Terms Explained:

  • Spot Copy Trading: A feature where users can automatically copy the trading strategies of experienced traders in real-time.
  • Signaler: An experienced trader whose strategies are followed by others.
  • Maximum Drawdown (MDD): The largest observed loss from a peak to a trough of a portfolio, before a new peak is attained. It measures the maximum percentage that a portfolio could drop.
  • Sharpe Ratio: A measure of the excess return per unit of risk in an investment asset. It indicates how much risk an investor is taking to achieve returns.

Insights: Spot Copy Trading democratizes access to sophisticated trading strategies, potentially leveling the playing field for novice investors. However, it's crucial for users to understand the risks involved, as blindly following others can lead to significant losses. The feature's educational aspect, allowing observation without active copying, is a valuable tool for learning market dynamics and risk management.

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Exploring Viral Loops for Sustainable Product Growth

Viral loops are the engines of exponential growth for modern products. These loops operate on a simple principle: users share a product, leading others to join, and the cycle repeats. This mechanism is both scalable and cost-effective, making it a cornerstone for companies like LinkedIn, YouTube, and Slack.

The article delineates ten types of viral loops, categorized into four groups. The most potent is the Word of Mouth Loop, where exceptional product quality compels users to share it spontaneously. Organic Loops, another significant category, include Inherent Loops, where product utility depends on widespread adoption (e.g., Zoom), and Collaborative Loops, where collaboration enhances value (e.g., Dropbox).

Understanding these loops empowers companies to strategically integrate them, driving rapid and sustainable growth. The key lies in creating products that naturally encourage sharing and collaboration, thereby perpetuating the viral cycle.

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AI Startup Pika Raises $80M, Revolutionizing Video Production

AI Startup Pika Raises $80M, Revolutionizing Video Production

Summary: Pika, established by Stanford alumni Demi Guo and Chenlin Meng, has swiftly risen to prominence in the AI video sector, securing $800 million in new funding and doubling its valuation to nearly $5 billion within a year. The startup is backed by a strong team, including six IOI gold medalists, and is acclaimed for its pioneering AI video technology. Pika's mission is to enable anyone to create professional-quality videos with ease, positioning itself as a frontrunner in the democratization of video production.

Insights: Pika's rapid ascent highlights the transformative power of AI in creative industries. By streamlining the video creation process, Pika is not only boosting efficiency but also reducing entry barriers, potentially revolutionizing the way content is produced and consumed. This evolution could democratize media production, enabling a wider array of voices and narratives in the digital realm.

Explanation of Key Terms:

  • IOI (International Olympiad in Informatics): An esteemed annual programming contest for high school students, focusing on algorithmic and computational problem-solving abilities.
  • AI Video Technology: Involves the application of artificial intelligence to generate, edit, or enhance video content, frequently through automated processes that replicate human creativity and decision-making.
  • Valuation: The assessed value of a company, usually determined by investors based on the company's assets, market potential, and financial performance.
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Study Finds Internet Access Linked to Higher Well-being

Study Finds Internet Access Linked to Higher Well-being Study Finds Internet Access Linked to Higher Well-being

The internet, often criticized for its negative effects on mental health, may not be the villain it's portrayed to be. A comprehensive study from Oxford University, covering 16 years and 2.4 million individuals across 168 countries, indicates that internet access is associated with higher levels of well-being. The research shows that individuals with internet access typically report greater life satisfaction, positive experiences, and social contentment.

However, the study did observe a decline in community well-being among young women aged 15 to 24. This might be due to pre-existing dissatisfaction driving increased online activity, rather than the internet causing the discontent.

Critics point out that the intensity of internet use, rather than just access, can be problematic. Overuse of social media platforms, which are designed with advertisers in mind rather than user well-being, can lead to issues. An example is a remote Amazon village that was connected to the internet, where initial excitement turned into concerns about excessive screen time and its effects on daily life.

In summary, the internet, like any tool, can be either beneficial or harmful depending on its use. It's not the access that causes harm, but the misuse. The solution lies in moderation and mindful engagement.

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Huawei Developer Conference 2024: Release of HarmonyOS Starry Sky Edition Beta and Debut of Pangu Large Model 5.0

Huawei Developer Conference 2024: Release of HarmonyOS Starry Sky Edition Beta and Debut of Pangu Large Model 5.0 Huawei Developer Conference 2024: Release of HarmonyOS Starry Sky Edition Beta and Debut of Pangu Large Model 5.0 Huawei Developer Conference 2024: Release of HarmonyOS Starry Sky Edition Beta and Debut of Pangu Large Model 5.0

Huawei Developer Conference 2024 will be held in Shenzhen from June 21 to 23.

Focus: Release of HarmonyOS NEXT Hongmeng Star River Edition Beta.

Speakers: Yu Chengdong, He Gang, Gong Ti.

  • Yu Chengdong: "Hongmeng Ecosystem: Innovative Soil, Cultivating the Future"
  • He Gang: "HarmonyOS NEXT - Building a New Hongmeng World"
  • Gong Ti: "Hongmeng Native Applications, Setting Off Anew!"


  • Hongmeng Star River Edition, with an independently developed system foundation, not compatible with Android, dubbed "Purebred Hongmeng".
  • Release of Pangu Large Model 5.0.

Scale: Huawei's largest ever, with the most developer participation.


  • HarmonyOS: Huawei's distributed operating system.
  • AOSP: Android Open Source Project, allowing device manufacturers to develop Android systems.
  • Pangu Large Model: Huawei's artificial intelligence model.
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AI-Powered Image Editor for Efficient Shopify Product Imagery Refinement

AI-Powered Image Editor for Efficient Shopify Product Imagery Refinement

CleanerPro-Image-Editor streamlines Shopify product images. AI-driven, it effortlessly erases logos, text, and unwanted details with a single click. It also removes backgrounds, compresses images, and boosts quality. A tool for swift visual enhancement.

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yutu: A Comprehensive CLI Tool for YouTube Management

Yutu is a CLI tool designed for YouTube, leveraging Google's API to manage various YouTube resources such as uploading videos, liking content, and adding items to playlists. It is cross-platform compatible, running seamlessly on macOS, Linux, and Windows. Integration with Docker and GitHub Actions enhances workflow automation. AI-generated videos can be easily uploaded using this tool.

CLI stands for Command Line Interface, a text-based software interface. API refers to Application Programming Interface, which defines the rules for how applications communicate with each other. Docker is a platform that packages applications in isolated environments, known as containers. GitHub Actions is a feature provided by GitHub that automates software development workflows.

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Gradual Learning Approach in Surfoncode for Beginner Coders

Gradual Learning Approach in Surfoncode for Beginner Coders Gradual Learning Approach in Surfoncode for Beginner Coders

Surfoncode simplifies coding for beginners. It begins with basic syntax challenges, fostering confidence, and progressively elevates the difficulty level. This gradual increase ensures a comfortable learning curve.

  • Syntax: The arrangement of words and symbols in code for the computer to comprehend.
  • Learning curve: The rate at which one's skills or knowledge expand over time.
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AI-Powered Video Curation and Posting Automation

AI-Powered Video Curation and Posting Automation AI-Powered Video Curation and Posting Automation AI-Powered Video Curation and Posting Automation

QuickVid Autopilot automates video curation, editing, and daily posting from sources like Youtube and Google Drive to platforms such as LinkedIn. It employs generative AI to create fresh video content from existing material.

Generative video AI: AI that crafts new videos from old ones. Video Source: Original video storage (e.g., Youtube, Google Drive). Posting Destination: Where edited videos are shared (e.g., social media).

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Onepublish: Streamlining Cross-Publishing from Notion to Multiple Platforms

Onepublish: Streamlining Cross-Publishing from Notion to Multiple Platforms Onepublish: Streamlining Cross-Publishing from Notion to Multiple Platforms Onepublish: Streamlining Cross-Publishing from Notion to Multiple Platforms

Onepublish streamlines the writer's journey by facilitating the effortless export of content from Notion, a versatile workspace app, to various platforms including DEV, Hashnode, Medium, and Ghost. This cross-publishing tool simplifies the process of disseminating one's work across multiple sites, thereby expanding reach and improving efficiency.

Notion: An all-encompassing workspace that integrates notes, databases, wikis, and project management tools. Cross-publishing: The practice of distributing identical content across multiple platforms.

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Free Online Text-to-Speech Tool with Multilingual Support

Free Online Text-to-Speech Tool with Multilingual Support Free online tool converting text to speech. Supports 50 languages, 800 voices. No registration. Ideal for content creators.

Key Points:

  • Text to Speech (TTS): Converts written text into spoken words.
  • Neural Network: AI mimicking the human brain's neuron network to enhance speech quality.
  • Voice Synthesis: Generating artificial speech.
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Unlocking Netflix's Hidden Genres with Secret Codes

Netflix's interface often feels restrictive. However, a hidden menu, accessible through specific URLs with numeric codes, opens a vast library of over 36,000 niche genres. These codes, available on sites like, let users delve into categories beyond the usual offerings. For example, code 81466194 directs you to 90-Minute Movies.

A Chrome extension, Better Browse for Netflix, simplifies access by adding a "Browse All" option, making navigation through these hidden categories effortless. This system allows viewers to bypass Netflix's algorithm and discover content perfectly suited to their preferences.

  • URLs with numeric codes: Specific web addresses that include numbers, used to access hidden Netflix categories.
  • Chrome extension: A small software program that enhances the functionality of the Google Chrome browser.
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Great new article by Dave on the practical aspects of "category creation" and one of the best books on strategy. Dave Kellogg: Playing Bigger vs. Playing To Win: How Shall We Play the Marketing Strategy Game?


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Tutorial Video: Free Tools to Easily Remove Image Backgrounds! In this video, I demonstrate how to use two free tools, ScanThing and Background Erase, to easily remove image backgrounds. Whether you're looking to create clean images for your online store or simply want to organize your photos, these tools make the process quick and simple. The demonstration features the universally beloved Keanu Reeves.


Leveraging AI for Effective Job Applications: The Role of ChatGPT in Cover Letter Writing

Summary: Amanda Smith explains how AI, particularly ChatGPT, assists in creating thoughtful cover letters and broadens job application prospects.

Insight: AI streamlines the job search process, yet the personal touch is still essential. Automation should augment, not substitute, human sincerity in applications.

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Understanding Stock Options: A Guide for Employees

Summary: The Noonification on Stock Options

The Noonification, a daily tech digest by HackerNoon, recently featured an article titled "Stock Options: Everything Employees Need To Know." This comprehensive guide is designed to educate employees about stock options, a prevalent incentive in startup environments.

Key Insights:

Stock options provide employees with the right to buy company shares at a predetermined price, potentially leading to substantial financial gains if the company's value rises. However, it is essential to grasp the intricacies, including vesting schedules and strike prices.

The article not only clarifies these terms but also explores the strategic decisions employees must consider when exercising their options. It serves as a practical guide that simplifies a potentially complex financial benefit, ensuring accessibility for all readers.

Explanation of Terms:

  • Vesting Schedule: A schedule that outlines when and how an employee fully acquires their stock options, usually involving a waiting period and spread over several years.
  • Strike Price: The predetermined price at which the stock can be purchased when exercising the option. Profitability occurs when the market price of the stock surpasses the strike price.

This guide is indispensable for individuals exploring the financial aspects of employment in tech startups, offering clear explanations and practical advice.

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Social Media Comments

  1. CoolDogeDesigner: X is now the #1 News App in 143 countries worldwide (App Store) —— Elon Musk

  2. Recommend a quite practical reverse image search engine: TinEye. You can upload an image or input the image URL, and it will find other instances of that image on the internet. This tool helps you locate similar images, identify the source of an image, and find high-resolution versions of the image, among other features. Link: —— 知识分享官

  3. Ice, an open-source software discovered on HackerNews, is perfect for neat freaks who use Mac. Available at, it allows you to hide excessive icons in the top Menu Bar, and offers extensive customization options including drag-and-drop sorting, custom icons, and custom Menu Bar styles. After using it, you'll find your desktop much cleaner and more organized, making it highly recommended for those with a penchant for tidiness. —— Viking

  4. DuckDuckGo has launched a private AI chatbot that promises not to use your data to train its models. Currently free and accessible without registration, DuckDuckGo ensures anonymity by replacing users' IP addresses, making chat content untraceable to individuals. Additionally, no user data is stored, and the AI provider is required to delete any saved chat records within 30 days. The service currently supports OpenAI's GPT-3.5 Turbo and Anthropic's Claude 3. —— 小互

  1. Utilizing AI capabilities to converse with PDFs, this website receives 8.196 million visits per month.,_this_website_receives_8.196_million_visits_per_month —— 独立开发者|欧维Ove