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World News Daily(2024-07-06) : Labour Party Wins Big in UK Election, Set to Lead Major Changes

Labour Party Wins Big in UK Election, Set to Lead Major Changes

Labour Party Wins Big in UK Election, Set to Lead Major Changes

LONDON — Labour's significant victory in the U.K. election positions Keir Starmer to become the next prime minister. Exit polls indicate Labour securing a substantial majority, ending the Conservatives' 14-year reign. In his victory speech, Starmer declared, "People are ready for change."

Rishi Sunak, the incumbent PM, retained his seat but experienced a drop in his vote share by over 15%. Defence Secretary Grant Shapps was defeated by Labour. Nigel Farage, representing Reform UK, secured his first parliamentary seat, emphasizing immigration as a pivotal issue.

Labour's Rachel Reeves maintained her seat, potentially becoming the first female chancellor. Reform UK, known for its stringent immigration policies, might gain 13 seats, a notable increase from their zero seats in 2019.

This election signifies a transformative shift in U.K. politics, with Labour set to enact significant reforms after years in opposition.



Chinese Institutions Dominate 2024 Nature Index Research Leaders List

Chinese Institutions Dominate 2024 Nature Index Research Leaders List

In June, the "2024 Nature Index Research Leaders" list was released. This index tracks contributions to high-quality scientific and health publications.

Topping the list is the Chinese Academy of Sciences, followed by Harvard University and the Max Planck Society. Notably, seven of the top ten institutions are Chinese.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences leads with a share of 2243.22, followed by University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China, and Peking University.

This dominance by Chinese institutions marks a significant shift from previous years, where fewer Chinese institutions made the top ten.

The index also highlights a decline in rankings for prestigious institutions like Stanford University and MIT, suggesting a shift in global research leadership.

Nature Index operates on a zero-sum basis, meaning gains by some institutions come at the expense of others. This dynamic underscores the competitive nature of scientific research.

The rise of Chinese institutions and the decline of some Western ones reflect broader trends in global research funding and focus. The future will reveal if this trend continues and what it means for global scientific collaboration.


SCO Summit in Kazakhstan: A Significant Shift in Geopolitics

SCO Summit in Kazakhstan: A Significant Shift in Geopolitics

The SCO Summit in Kazakhstan was a game-changer. The final declaration highlighted the growing shift in geopolitics and emphasized the SCO's role in creating a new international order. The 10 member states, including new member Belarus, expressed support for a fair solution to the Palestinian issue and opposed unilateral sanctions. They also aim to create a SCO investment fund and a new security architecture in Eurasia. The summit showcased the SCO's evolution into a geoeconomic cooperation, covering 80% of the Eurasian landmass and accounting for a significant share of global GDP and trade value. The meeting of the SCO+ further strengthened multilateral dialogue with the participation of key partners such as Azerbaijan, Qatar, Turkiye, and others. Russian President Vladimir Putin's bilaterals with these partners were substantial. Overall, the summit underscored the SCO's growing influence and its potential to reshape international dynamics.


Hamas Proposes Cease-Fire Amendments, Mediators Respond Positively

Hamas' proposed amendments to a cease-fire have received positive responses from mediators, while Israel's stance remains ambiguous. Negotiations had stalled but are now revived, with U.S., Qatari, and Egyptian mediators involved. Hamas demands the withdrawal of Israeli troops and an end to the war, whereas Israel aims to eliminate Hamas before halting the conflict.

The Gaza war, lasting nine months, has caused extensive devastation. 2.3 million people have been displaced, often multiple times. Humanitarian aid is restricted, leading to widespread hunger and fears of famine. A U.N. court has identified a "plausible risk of genocide," a claim denied by Israel.

The war was sparked by Hamas' attack on October 7th, with Israeli offensives resulting in over 38,000 deaths in Gaza, according to the Health Ministry, which counts all casualties without distinguishing between combatants and civilians.

Recent events include:

  • Seven Palestinians killed in the West Bank.
  • Israel is considering Hamas' cease-fire response.
  • Iran's presidential runoff sees low turnout.
  • Fires mark the conflict on the Lebanon-Israel border.
  • Pro-Palestinian protesters breach Australia's Parliament House.

Hamas' amendments focus on a full cease-fire, Israeli withdrawal, and the release of hostages. Israel's response is pending, and negotiation dates are unscheduled. Hamas insists on no foreign forces in Gaza and a purely Palestinian administration.

The U.S. suggests regional countries contribute to post-war scenarios in Gaza. Hamas meets with Hezbollah to discuss ongoing negotiations and regional security.



Massive Password Leak Exposes Nearly 10 Billion Credentials

On July 4, a hacker posted a file containing nearly 10 billion passwords on a forum. This list, known as RockYou2024, is the largest ever leaked, surpassing RockYou2021, which held 8.4 billion passwords.

Hackers utilize these lists for brute force attacks, attempting numerous password combinations rapidly. With RockYou2024, they now have an extensive collection of real-world passwords to test.

This leak heightens the risk of credential stuffing attacks, which exploit stolen account details to gain access to other services.

Users are advised to update their passwords and employ multi-factor authentication, thereby adding an additional layer of security.

The hacker, identified as ObamaCare, updated the older list with fresh data from recent leaks, incorporating an additional 1.5 billion passwords.

Currently, it is uncertain whether any private data has been compromised directly due to this list. However, it is prudent to assume that your password might be included.


Hackers Threaten to Leak Taylor Swift Ticket Data

Hackers Threaten to Leak Taylor Swift Ticket Data

Hackers, calling themselves ShinyHunters, claim they've got barcode data for Taylor Swift's Eras tour tickets. They want millions from Ticketmaster or they'll leak it.

Ticketmaster says no deal. They claim their tech updates barcodes too fast for the hackers' data to work. Cybersecurity experts agree, saying the stolen data is useless for making fake tickets.

ShinyHunters have a history of big hacks, hitting companies like Santander, AT&T, and Microsoft. They've hit Ticketmaster before, grabbing data on 560 million customers earlier this year.

Ticketmaster's parent company, Live Nation, is already in hot water. The US Department of Justice is suing them for monopolizing ticket sales. They've also botched Swift's tour sales, leading to long waits and high resale prices.

Swift's tour has been a target before. Hackers hit Australian ticket seller Ticketek, stealing accounts and reselling tickets.

Cyberattacks and ransom demands are on the rise. In 2023, victims paid over $1.1 billion in ransoms. The UK's National Health Service is still recovering from a major attack.

ShinyHunters tried selling stolen bank and credit card info from Santander. The FBI and DOJ shut down their forum, but they just moved to another site.



Samsung's Massive Profit Surge Driven by Memory Chip Rebound

Samsung's Massive Profit Surge Driven by Memory Chip Rebound

Samsung's profit surged 1,452.2% in Q2 2024, reaching 10.4 trillion won. Revenue increased by 23.3% to 74 trillion won. The surge was driven by a rebound in memory chip sales.

Samsung trails SK Hynix in high-bandwidth memory (HBM) chips, which are critical for AI. SK Hynix supplies Nvidia, a major player in AI GPUs. Samsung is working to qualify as a supplier to Nvidia.

The new semiconductor leadership aims to narrow the gap and enhance product competitiveness.


Masayoshi Son invests a hundred billion dollars, SoftBank transforms into an AI leading company.

Masayoshi Son, CEO of SoftBank, plans to invest $100 billion with the goal of making SoftBank a leader in the AI field. The investment focus includes AI energy projects, involving energy supply and the use of NVIDIA AI accelerator cards. Masayoshi Son predicts that within the next decade, AI smarter than humans by a factor of ten thousand will emerge.

SoftBank's stock prices have hit new highs due to its innovative expansion strategy in AI. The company has committed to investing $50 billion in the AI sector and is seeking to raise $1000 billion to create an AI chip company. Additionally, SoftBank is considering investing in OpenAI and leading Indian entrepreneurs on a tour of Silicon Valley to explore AI technology.

Masayoshi Son himself uses ChatGPT daily, demonstrating his emphasis and reliance on AI technology.


The China Securities Regulatory Commission intensifies its efforts to combat financial fraud in the capital market.

The China Securities Regulatory Commission intensifies its efforts to combat financial fraud in the capital market.

The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), in collaboration with multiple departments, has issued the "Opinions on Further Enhancing the Comprehensive Punishment and Prevention of Financial Fraud in the Capital Market," aimed at combating financial fraud and protecting the rights and interests of investors.

Key points include:

  • Focusing on cracking down on fraudulent issuances and false information disclosures.
  • Accelerating regulatory transformation and improving investigation and penalty mechanisms.
  • Promoting amendments to the Securities Law, increasing the maximum fines to 10 million yuan and 5 million yuan.
  • Enhancing the maximum prison term for illegal disclosure in the Criminal Law to 10 years.
  • Intermediate institutions and their practitioners who issue false certification documents can be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison.

The CSRC emphasizes that financial fraud undermines market integrity and harms investor interests. In recent years, it has handled multiple fraud cases, promoted the establishment of a collective litigation system, and implemented mandatory delisting for major violations.

Addressing the covert and complex nature of financial fraud, the CSRC will strengthen regulatory coordination, building a comprehensive long-term mechanism for punishment and prevention. This includes optimizing the law enforcement system, increasing accountability, enhancing inter-departmental and central-local coordination, and implementing regular prevention measures against financial fraud.

Personal view: This move demonstrates China's emphasis on the integrity of the capital market, reinforcing the crackdown on financial fraud through legal and regulatory means. It not only helps to purify the market environment but also sends a clear signal to investors about the protection of their rights.


Samsung plans to build the world's largest display product manufacturing center in Vietnam.

Samsung is deepening its cooperation with Vietnam and plans to transform the country into the world's largest manufacturing hub for display products within three years. Lee Jae-yong emphasized that Vietnam and Samsung share a mutual prosperity and development. Samsung has invested a cumulative $22.4 billion in Vietnam, employing approximately 90,000 workers, and has become the largest foreign investor and export enterprise in Vietnam. Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh supports foreign investment, particularly in high-tech, semiconductors, AI, and R&D sectors. Samsung leverages Vietnam's industrial growth and labor force advantages to meet the global demand for advanced display technologies. Vietnam's economic transformation from agriculture to industrialization has been promoted through partnerships with companies like Samsung, positioning it significantly in the global electronics supply chain.



Huawei releases flagship Wi-Fi 7 router BE7 with speeds up to 7000Mbps.

Huawei is set to release its flagship Wi-Fi 7 router, the BE7, with speeds reaching 7000Mbps. This new model inherits and upgrades features from the BE3 Pro, such as 160MHz bandwidth and 4K QAM compression technology, supporting dual-band aggregation to enhance speed and reduce latency. Equipped with HarmonyOS 4, it offers smart gaming acceleration and child internet care functions. Huawei leads globally in Wi-Fi 7 patent contributions, holding 482 patents, accounting for 22.9% of the total.


Engineering mRNA for Personalized Medicine

Engineered mRNA transforms cells into tiny bio-factories, producing drugs that treat inflammatory skin diseases and cancers. This technology paves the way for personalized medicine, where the body makes its own drugs.

mRNA, familiar from COVID-19 vaccines, directs cells to make specific proteins. Researchers at the University of Texas used engineered mRNA to prompt cells to secrete therapeutic proteins, successfully treating psoriasis and cancer in mice.

Daniel Siegwart, a professor at UT Southwestern, envisions a future where patients receive monthly treatments at home, improving their quality of life.

The study introduced a novel approach: using engineered signal peptides (SPs) to guide proteins out of cells for systemic therapeutic effects. SPs act as metaphorical transport labels, directing proteins to their destinations within or outside the cell.

Researchers modified mRNA to include a secretion-oriented SP, then attached it to mRNA sequences encoding various proteins, including therapeutic ones like etanercept and anti-PD-L1.

When delivered via lipid nanoparticles, these modified mRNAs caused cells to secrete the encoded proteins into the extracellular fluid. In mice, this treatment reduced psoriatic skin patches and slowed tumor growth, doubling survival rates.

This technique, dubbed Signal Peptide-Engineered Nucleic Acid Design (SEND), could enhance the efficacy of protein drugs currently delivered by infusion, reducing side effects. It promises to improve health and quality of life for patients with inflammatory diseases, cancers, blood clotting disorders, diabetes, and genetic conditions.

The study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).


Video Game

Samsung 980 Pro 2TB SSD on Sale for $135

Samsung 980 Pro 2TB SSD on Sale for $135

Samsung 980 Pro, 2TB SSD, now $135. Popular, well-rated PS5 upgrade.

SSD: Solid State Drive. Enhances PS5 storage, speed.


Apple has released a new game porting toolkit, allowing iOS devices to run Windows games.

Apple introduced a new game porting toolkit at WWDC 2024, enabling macOS games to be ported to iOS. Developers can first port Windows games to macOS and then to iPhone and iPad. This move streamlines the porting process and enhances the appeal of Apple's platforms to game developers.

SDK and API: Software Development Kits and Application Programming Interfaces, tools that assist developers in creating software applications.

Apple has also recently relaxed its App Store policies, allowing retro game emulators to be listed, and improved the Apple News+ service by adding new gaming features.


PS5 Architect Surprised by Ray Tracing and 60fps Popularity

PS5 Architect Surprised by Ray Tracing and 60fps Popularity

Mark Cerny, the chief architect of the PS5, is surprised by the widespread adoption of ray tracing and 60fps in games. He anticipated that these technologies would become popular later in the console's lifecycle. Surprisingly, many launch games already incorporate ray tracing. Cerny also observes the shift from 30fps to 60fps, which significantly enhances gameplay.

Regarding PS5 games on PC, Cerny mentions that porting is simpler than expected but necessitates a stronger CPU and memory. The unique features of the PS5, such as its high-speed SSD, are driving advancements in PC hardware.


NVIDIA RTX Remix: Reviving Classic Games with AI-Powered Graphics

NVIDIA's RTX Remix, now open-source, breathes new life into old games. It allows fans to apply modern graphics like ray tracing to classics from the DirectX 8/9 era. Already tested on games like "Half-Life 2" and "SWAT 4," it offers tools for both basic enhancements and full remakes. The toolkit, available soon, includes features linking to popular 3D tools and AI applications for automated tasks. Despite its reliance on NVIDIA hardware for development, the project opens doors for broader community involvement in game remastering.



I.M. Pei Retrospective Exhibition Opens in Hong Kong

I.M. Pei Retrospective Exhibition Opens in Hong Kong

I.M. Pei, the architect renowned for iconic structures such as the Louvre's pyramid and the Bank of China tower, now has a retrospective exhibition. "I.M. Pei: Life is Architecture" opened on June 29 at the M+ Gallery in Hong Kong and will run until January 5. The exhibition covers 160,000 square meters and showcases over 400 items, many of which have never been seen even by his sons.

Born in Guangzhou, Pei grew up in Hong Kong and Shanghai before moving to the U.S. in 1935 to pursue his studies. He was awarded the Pritzker Prize in 1983. His designs seamlessly blend Western and Asian influences.

Curators Shirley Surya and Aric Chen dedicated a decade to preparing this exhibition. They delved into Pei's early works, including his period in real estate after graduating from Harvard, a phase seldom discussed.

This exhibition marks a significant milestone for M+, showcasing a career that spanned decades and continents.



Friendship Benches: A Simple Solution to Mental Health Care

In Zimbabwe, mental health care is scarce. Tambudzai Tembo, after her son's arrest, faced despair. Traditional therapy was out of reach. A wooden bench and a grandmother's ear saved her.

This therapy, known as the Friendship Bench, employs trained grandmothers to listen and counsel. It draws from Zimbabwe's traditional respect for elders' wisdom. Dixon Chibanda, a psychiatrist, pioneered this approach, training grandmothers in basic problem-solving therapy.

The method has since spread to the U.S., Vietnam, Botswana, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, and London. In New York, orange benches provide support in Harlem, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. Washington has its own initiative, DC Grandparents for Mental Health.

The benches create a trusted space where people can open up to grandmothers, breaking the stigma. Barbara Allen, an 81-year-old grandmother, advocates for this cause, believing that age brings innate wisdom.

The Friendship Bench meets a critical need by offering a simple, effective solution. Grandmothers, with their empathy and local connections, are pivotal. They make mental health care accessible and personal.



Euro 2024: Spain vs. Germany Quarter-Final Showdown

Euro 2024: Spain vs. Germany Quarter-Final Showdown

Germany warms up. Spain awaits. Euro 2024 quarter-final. July 5, 15:46 GMT.


USA Basketball Team Prepares for Olympic Gold in Las Vegas

U.S. Olympic basketball team gathers in Las Vegas, aiming for gold in Paris. Coach Steve Kerr recalls Kobe Bryant's advice: "If everyone else is getting better, then the U.S. better find ways to do the same."

Stephen Curry leads arrivals, eager for his first Olympics. The team, a mix of veterans and newcomers, starts serious bonding at practice. Bam Adebayo, a gold medalist from Tokyo, emphasizes the importance of honest team conversations.

Last year's World Cup disappointment fuels this year's resolve. The roster, featuring stars like LeBron James and Kevin Durant, is stacked. Kerr faces the challenge of selecting a starting lineup from a Hall of Fame-caliber squad.

The team's exhibition schedule includes matches against Canada, Australia, Serbia, South Sudan, and Germany. Curry expresses excitement for the unified goal: winning gold.


Kyle Snyder Aims for Second Olympic Gold in Wrestling

Kyle Snyder, 28, aims for his second Olympic gold in Paris. At 20, he was the youngest American to win Olympic wrestling gold in 2016. He's since won three NCAA titles and three world championships.

Snyder faces tough competition, notably Akhmed Tazhudinov, who beat him in 2023. Tazhudinov, 21, uses his reach and defensive skills to exploit opponents' errors.

Snyder thrives on challenge, crediting his dominance to facing tough practice partners. His coach, Bill Zadick, praises his intelligence and innovation.

Despite missing rivals like Abdulrashid Sadulaev, barred due to the Ukraine-Russia war, Snyder remains focused. He mentors younger wrestlers, sharing his experience and techniques.

Snyder's journey reflects his resilience and dedication, making him a formidable contender in Paris.



North Dakota Tribe Builds Massive Greenhouse for Food Sovereignty

A North Dakota tribe, the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation, is constructing a massive greenhouse. This project, dubbed Native Green Grow, seeks to reestablish their ancestral farming heritage. The tribe's land was inundated in the 1950s by the Garrison Dam, resulting in the creation of Lake Sakakawea. This new greenhouse, upon completion, will rank among the largest in the world, spanning 14.5 acres.

The initial phase, with a budget of $76 million, encompasses a 3.3-acre greenhouse, a warehouse, and additional facilities. This infrastructure will enable the tribe to cultivate a diverse range of crops, from lettuce to strawberries. The tribe intends to supply food to their reservation and beyond, including to food banks in remote regions.

This endeavor aligns with a broader movement among tribes to achieve food sovereignty. The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the necessity for self-reliant food systems. The USDA supports this through its Indigenous Food Sovereignty Initiative, which advocates for indigenous farming practices and food independence.

The tribe's project is viable due to access to potable water and natural gas from the Bakken oil field. They plan to utilize this gas for heating and fertilization, mitigating environmental concerns related to flaring.

In summary, the greenhouse signifies a substantial stride toward self-sufficiency and cultural rejuvenation for the tribe.


Global Fast Food Chains Lower Prices Amid Economic Pressures

Global Fast Food Chains Lower Prices Amid Economic Pressures

In New York, McDonald's is offering $5 meals, which include a cheeseburger, fries, nuggets, and a drink. This initiative comes amid rising inflation that is prompting Americans to cut back on spending. Starbucks and other fast-food chains are also reducing prices to appeal to cost-conscious consumers.

Similar trends are observed in Japan. KFC Japan has reduced lunch prices by 40 yen following a sales decline caused by a previous price increase. Skylark Holdings and Saizeriya have also lowered their prices, despite increasing operational costs.

China's job market is facing difficulties, encouraging consumers to opt for more affordable meals. Haidilao, a hot pot chain, has opened a low-cost branch that utilizes automation to maintain lower prices. Yonghe King is offering breakfasts for as little as 6 yuan.

Each country is dealing with distinct economic issues: inflation in the U.S., stagnant wages in Japan, and job scarcity in China. Restaurants are responding by reducing prices to attract customers back.