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World News Daily(2024-07-03) : Putin and Xi to Meet in Kazakhstan Amid Strengthening Ties

Putin and Xi to Meet in Kazakhstan Amid Strengthening Ties

Putin and Xi to Meet in Kazakhstan Amid Strengthening Ties

Putin and Xi will meet in Kazakhstan during a Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit. Russia aims to strengthen ties with China, particularly in light of the Ukraine conflict with Europe and the US. Their previous discussion in May centered on enhancing economic and military cooperation. Putin recently visited North Korea, where he signed a military support treaty. Observers are keen to see how Russia will explain this to China, North Korea's primary supporter. The SCO members' opposition to the European-US framework is also under close examination.



British Politicians Targeted by AI-Generated Fake Pornography

British Politicians Targeted by AI-Generated Fake Pornography

British politicians Angela Rayner, Gillian Keegan, Penny Mordaunt, Priti Patel, and Stella Creasy are facing the issue of fake pornography, where AI is used to create nude images featuring their faces. Some of these are basic Photoshop edits, while others are sophisticated deepfakes.

Dehenna Davison, a former Member of Parliament, describes this as "quite violating" and warns of "major problems" if AI regulation is not implemented. Creasy feels "sick," viewing it as a form of power manipulation rather than entertainment.

Non-consensual deepfake technology uses AI to remove clothing from photographs. The Guardian reported on ClothOff, an AI app that has caused disruption in schools.

The Online Safety Act, which came into effect in January, makes it illegal to share such images without consent. However, these sites continue to be accessible. Although creating this material is currently legal, the UK government plans to ban it.

The UK's approach is more stringent compared to many other countries. Some major sites block British users to circumvent legal issues. US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez advocates for similar legislation, anticipating dire consequences if action is not taken.



California Mandates Personal Finance Education in High Schools

California Mandates Personal Finance Education in High Schools

California has just made personal finance a mandatory course for high school graduation. This means that 64% of U.S. high school students will now take a semester-long class on managing money.

Previously, only 1% of California students had this requirement. Now, every student in the state will learn about budgeting, credit, and financial planning.

Research indicates that students who take these courses experience a $127,000 benefit over their lifetime. The skills they acquire help them make smarter financial decisions and avoid common pitfalls.

This change is significant. It means more young people will be prepared for the financial challenges of adulthood. It's a step towards a more financially literate future.

Explanation of Terms:

  • Financial Literacy: The ability to understand and effectively use various financial skills, including personal financial management, budgeting, and investing.
  • Compounding: The process of generating earnings on an asset's reinvested earnings. For example, if you earn interest on a savings account, that interest is added to your total, and future interest is calculated on this larger amount.

AI Resolves 150-Year Evolution Debate Between Darwin and Wallace

AI Resolves 150-Year Evolution Debate Between Darwin and Wallace

In 19th century science, Darwin and Wallace clashed over evolution. Darwin saw sexual selection as key to butterfly color and male patterns. Wallace argued broader natural selection played a role too.

Fast forward to 2024, machines settle their debate. Scientists at Essex University, the Natural History Museum, and Cross Labs used AI to analyze 16,734 butterfly images. They focused on birdwing butterflies, known for vivid colors and distinct male-female differences.

Jennifer Cuthill, from Essex, noted the breakthrough. AI revealed new evolutionary details, especially in female butterflies, previously overlooked due to human limitations.

Results? Both Darwin and Wallace were right. Sexual selection drove male diversity. Female changes, however, showed broader influences, not just sex-linked. Both sexes contribute to species diversity.

Cuthill highlighted the significance: machine learning offers fresh insights into long-standing evolutionary questions. This study, published in Communications Biology, deepens our understanding of the evolution of these beautiful, yet endangered, creatures.



Alimama's Full-Site Promotion Goes Live, Boosting Merchant Traffic and Sales Growth

Alimama has announced that its full-site promotion will soon be fully launched, aiming to help merchants acquire more traffic and sales growth. Internal test data shows that the transaction amount growth rate for products using this promotion reached 43%, with a click growth rate of 105%. During the 618 shopping festival, 130 test merchants achieved transactions exceeding 10 million through this promotion, with a total GMV surpassing 4.7 billion. In the future, Alimama will provide stronger ROI and GMV certainty, as well as shorter-cycle ROI delivery capabilities, and will introduce an "operational management" service to streamline merchant operations.


BYD and French company Ayvens sign a strategic cooperation memorandum to expand the European electric vehicle market.

BYD has signed a memorandum of understanding with French company Ayvens, planning to offer electric passenger cars and light-duty vehicle rental services in Europe through BYD's dealer network. The initial operations will be in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, with plans to expand to more European countries later.

The era of reverse joint ventures has arrived, with Renault set to collaborate with Chinese automakers to develop pure electric vehicles, competing with BYD. BYD aims to become the largest electric vehicle seller in Europe by 2030, surpassing Volkswagen, Tesla, and others.

NVIDIA has announced an expansion of its cooperation with Chinese automakers including BYD. A BYD executive stated that without Tesla, the global electric vehicle market would not have developed to its current state.

BYD has officially signed a land pre-purchase agreement for a passenger car factory with the municipal government of Szeged, Hungary. BYD plans to open 50 stores in Indonesia and has become the official mobility partner for the 2024 European Cup.

BYD will establish 100 dealerships in Japan, aiming to achieve an annual sales target of 30,000 vehicles. BYD has won a contract to supply all-electric school buses in California, while CATL will provide battery cells for the first model of Audi's joint venture with FAW, which is set to go into mass production next year.


BYD Poised to Surpass Tesla in Global Battery Electric Vehicle Sales

BYD Poised to Surpass Tesla in Global Battery Electric Vehicle Sales

BYD, a Chinese electric vehicle maker, is poised to surpass Tesla in battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales this year. BYD's BEV market share is expected to surge, according to Counterpoint Research.

In the second quarter, BYD sold 426,039 BEVs, up nearly 21% from the previous year. Tesla's deliveries fell 4.8% to 443,956 vehicles. Last year, BYD produced over 3 million vehicles, including hybrids, outpacing Tesla's 1.84 million. However, Tesla led in pure BEV production.

China dominates the BEV market, with BYD at the forefront. Counterpoint predicts China's BEV sales will be four times North America's in 2024. By 2030, Chinese BEV sales are expected to exceed those of North America and Europe combined.

The European Union plans to impose additional tariffs on Chinese EVs, aiming to support struggling European manufacturers. These tariffs could push Chinese automakers to emerging markets like the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Global BEV sales are projected to hit 10 million in 2024, as internal combustion engine vehicles decline. This growth will be driven by efforts to improve EV cost-efficiency and affordability.


Bitcoin's journey to new highs isn't over. CCData says it's likely to surpass its peak of $73,700 this year. The climb was fueled by U.S. ETF approvals in January, drawing $14.41 billion so far.

ETFs allow investors to track bitcoin's price without owning it directly. This move has boosted bitcoin's legitimacy and attracted bigger investors.

Bitcoin cycles typically rise to a peak, then drop into a bear market. Three cycles have passed since bitcoin's launch. Each cycle peaks after a halving event, where miner rewards halve, reducing supply.

This cycle's peak came before halving, driven by ETF hype. CCData notes historical trends show price expansion after halving, lasting 366 to 548 days. The last halving was in April, so the timeframe isn't up yet.

Trading activity on exchanges has dipped post-halving, mirroring past cycles. CCData predicts this cycle could extend into 2025. Institutional influence has changed the game, but historical data suggests we'll see new highs before year's end.

Ethereum ETFs and similar products could bring more capital and demand. CCData points out bitcoin's price often surges just before cycle peaks. This cycle hasn't seen that parabolic jump yet.

Historical patterns suggest we're not at the peak. More highs are likely ahead.



Enhancing Mathematical Reasoning with Step-Controlled DPO

Step-Controlled DPO (SCDPO) refines Direct Preference Optimization, enhancing large language models' reasoning. SCDPO introduces stepwise error supervision, crafting flawed reasoning samples from correct starts. This method sharpens models' error detection and reasoning accuracy. Applied to various models, SCDPO boosts performance, notably in mathematical tasks. A 20B model trained with SCDPO excels, scoring 88.5% on GSM8K and 58.1% on MATH, challenging top open-source LLMs.


OpenAI's GPT-5 Promises Major AI Advancements

OpenAI's GPT-5, still in early stages, promises a significant leap in AI capabilities. CEO Sam Altman describes it as a "huge leap." GPT-4o, the current flagship, is praised for its "magic." GPT-5 is expected to reach doctoral-level intelligence by 2025 or 2026.

CriticGPT, released recently, evaluates and corrects GPT-4's outputs. OpenAI has also opened up new features to free users, including customizable GPTs. GPT-4o has boosted ChatGPT's subscription demand and mobile revenue.

OpenAI remains tight-lipped about GPT-5's exact release date, emphasizing its ongoing development.


X Considers Reintroducing Downvote Feature for Replies

X, formerly known as Twitter, might reintroduce downvotes for replies. This feature, which was tested in 2021, could improve the ranking of replies. Code hints for this were discovered in the latest iOS update by Aaron Perris, a reverse engineer.

Jay Baxter, a senior staff machine learning engineer at X, suggests using downvotes intelligently. He proposes to only downrank posts if the negative ratings come from users who typically disagree. This method mirrors X's Community Notes, which also relies on consensus among diverse users.

Elon Musk, the owner of X, supports this approach. He commented "True" on Baxter's post.

This consensus-building algorithm could enhance the visibility of better replies in threads. It might also encourage other platforms to adopt similar tools. X's Community Notes have already influenced YouTube to test its own Notes feature.

Other social startups, like Bluesky, are exploring different moderation methods. Bluesky is testing composable moderation, allowing users to customize their app experience by subscribing to various moderation service providers.

X might also hide engagement buttons by default, opting for a gesture-based menu instead.


New Tools Facilitate Cosmic Exploration: Advances in Gravitational Wave Detection Technology

New Tools Facilitate Cosmic Exploration: Advances in Gravitational Wave Detection Technology

Gravitational waves, ripples in spacetime, were first predicted by Einstein in 1916 and directly detected for the first time in 2015. Physicists believe this is just the tip of the iceberg.

New observatories and technologies are being developed to discover more gravitational waves. The Pulsar Timing Array (PTA) technology, which has already detected background gravitational waves in 2023, uses the slight variations in pulsar signals to detect gravitational waves at nanohertz frequencies.

The Simons Observatory, located in Chile, will provide the best observations of the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB), searching for traces of gravitational waves from the Big Bang and revealing the secrets of cosmic inflation.

Atomic interferometer technology is used to detect gravitational waves just below 1 hertz. A 10-meter-high atomic interferometer developed by Stanford University, part of the MAGIS-100 project, is set to be completed in 2027.

Desktop detectors, such as the levitated sensing detector at Northwestern University in the USA, are used to detect gravitational waves at 100 kilohertz. The University of Southampton plans to use Bose-Einstein Condensates (BEC) to detect higher frequency gravitational waves.

These new tools and technologies will further unveil the mysteries of the universe.


Tsinghua team develops wide-area wavefront sensing chip, revolutionizing astronomical observation technology.

Tsinghua team develops wide-area wavefront sensing chip, revolutionizing astronomical observation technology.

Atmospheric turbulence, akin to ghostly apparitions in the air, has long plagued astronomical observations. A team from Tsinghua University has developed the Wide-field Wavefront Computing Sensor Chip (WISE), which achieves real-time detection and prediction of atmospheric turbulence within a range of over 1100 arcseconds. This technology boasts a large field of view, high resolution, and strong robustness, with its sensing range nearly a thousand times greater than traditional methods.

The detection capability of the WISE chip is equivalent to the combined power of hundreds or even thousands of traditional wavefront sensors, and it is widely applied in optical systems. It empowers wide-field detection and prediction of atmospheric turbulence, corrects turbulence disturbances, and enables efficient collection and precise reconstruction of optical signals over large areas.

In a ground-to-moon observation experiment, WISE achieved real-time detection of approximately 500 spatially coherent turbulent wavefronts within a 1100 arcsecond field of view at a speed of 30Hz. The observational performance of a single chip is equivalent to nearly 1000 traditional wavefront sensors.

The WISE chip has broken through the barriers to wide-field atmospheric turbulence observation, restored the spatially non-uniform distribution of atmospheric turbulence, and revealed the dynamic patterns of atmospheric turbulence. Based on the WISE chip and a spatio-temporal neural network model, high-precision turbulence prediction within a large field of view has been achieved, reducing the predicted wavefront error from 224nm to 109nm, a significant improvement over traditional adaptive optics.

The Imaging and Intelligent Technology Interdisciplinary Team at Tsinghua University continues to innovate in the field of computational imaging, empowering astronomy with computation and opening a new chapter in computational astronomical imaging. In the future, the laboratory will further leverage the advantages of meta-imaging wide-field wavefront sensing to support新一代宽视场高分辨地基光学巡天.


Video Game

The Saudi Esports World Cup grandly opens in Riyadh.

The Saudi Esports World Cup grandly opens in Riyadh.

The Saudi Esports World Cup kicked off in Riyadh with a prize pool of $60 million. Spanning eight weeks, it covers over twenty events including "CS2" and "League of Legends." A total of 1,500 players from 100 countries and 400 teams are participating. The opening ceremony featured masked dancers, fireworks, and LED drone performances. Chinese teams iG, LGD, and Azure Ray have qualified for the "DOTA2" competition.


Nintendo sues modding Switch team for millions of dollars in damages.

Nintendo sues modding Switch team for millions of dollars in damages.

Nintendo sues the modded Switch team, seeking millions in damages. The Modded Hardware team, operated by Ryan Dlay, modifies and sells pirated game consoles. Nintendo accuses them of violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Reddit moderator Archbox is also charged with aiding piracy. Nintendo seeks a court injunction and compensation.

The DMCA: A law protecting the copyright of digital content.

Modifying game consoles infringes on copyright, and Nintendo is adamant about protecting its rights.


Resident Evil 7 Launches on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Capcom ha lanzado Resident Evil 7 para iPhone, iPad y Mac. El juego, que salió por primera vez en 2017, presenta una perspectiva en primera persona. Los jugadores controlan a Ethan Winters, quien busca a su esposa desaparecida en una plantación de Luisiana.

Disponible en iPhone 15 Pro y Pro Max, iPad con chip M1, y Macs con chip M1 y macOS 13.0. El juego ocupa 33.4 GB, es gratis para probar, con una compra base del juego de $19.99 y un paquete DLC de $20.

Esto marca el último título de la serie Resident Evil en llegar a las plataformas de Apple, después de Resident Evil 4 y Village. Resident Evil 2 también está siendo adaptado.


"Untamed Alliance" Season 1 Update: New Factions and Game Improvements

'Untamed Alliance' Season 1 Update: New Factions and Game Improvements

"Untamed Alliance" Season 1 Launches with New Features: Introducing the GSK Faction, Capture the Flag Mode, Three New Weapons, and Various Accessories. Game Difficulty Reduced, Balance Adjusted. Patch Details Include:

  • Adjustments to weapon and battle pass boost item expiration times, now only counting down during matches.
  • Reduced experience points required for battle pass upgrades.
  • Adjusted extra experience rewards for matches, doubling experience for completing games.
  • Added headshot icons to kill notifications.

The GSK faction hails from the German Border Guard Command, specializing in field control and territory security. The new Clubhouse map is ideal for medium to close-range engagements. The Capture the Flag mode allows players to seize enemy flags and protect their own.

In terms of weapons, new additions include the sniper rifle L115, the assault rifle LVOA-C, and a sawn-off sidearm. New weapon mastery skins have been introduced. Issues with weapon and optic jitter have been fixed.

Improvements to devices include adjustments to the flashbang visual effects and a fix for the bug where multiple devices would respawn. Social features now include the Creator Code program, allowing players to support creators. Issues with voice and text chat have been resolved.

Other fixes address graphics, audio, and crash issues. Players who participated in the closed beta can now receive the Kosi's Overalls skin.



Japanese Musician Turns Second-Hand Store into Viral Sensation

Yusuke Nagata, 36, is the manager of the Japanese "Hard Off" second-hand musical instrument store. From a young age, he has had a passion for music and is proficient in multiple instruments. He once pursued a singing career in Tokyo. After returning to his hometown, he used instruments from the store to record music videos, which he uploaded to social media platforms, garnering astonishing views. With company support, he combined his interests with his work, promoting musical instruments and earning widespread recognition.

"Hard Off" specializes in the recycling, repair, and resale of musical instruments, providing parts for music enthusiasts to repair themselves. Nagata's music videos not only enhanced his personal and store reputation but also achieved a win-win situation.


Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour and Passion Tourism

Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour is sparking a new kind of travel: passion tourism. Fans like Nikita Rao plan trips around her concerts, mixing city visits with shows. Rao's family, from Maryland, built a week in London and Amsterdam around Swift's performances.

Passion tourism isn't new. Events like Rio's Carnival and the 2024 Paris Olympics draw crowds. But Swift's appeal stands out. Travel agents note a surge in trips centered on her concerts, more than for any other artist.

This trend boosts local economies. Swift's UK tour alone could bring in $1.3 billion, with fans spending on tickets, travel, and lodging. Airbnb sees a 70% rise in bookings during her tour dates.

Swift's influence extends beyond typical tourist spots. Cities like Edinburgh, less frequented by Americans, see a surge in interest when she performs. Her concerts offer a blend of travel and fan experience, making her a unique driver of passion tourism.



U.S. Funds Moderna for H5N1 Vaccine Development

U.S. awards Moderna $176 million for bird flu vaccine development. Funds aim to finalize testing and production of an mRNA-based vaccine against H5N1 avian influenza. Concerns rise over H5N1 outbreaks in dairy cows and human infections. Moderna's mRNA technology, used in COVID-19 vaccines, promises faster development and production. Risk of bird flu pandemic looms if virus mutates to spread among people.


FDA Approves New Alzheimer's Drug Donanemab

FDA Approves New Alzheimer's Drug Donanemab

FDA approves donanemab, a new Alzheimer's drug. Developed by Eli Lilly, it targets amyloid beta, a protein linked to nerve cell damage in Alzheimer's patients. The drug binds and removes this protein, slowing disease progression. The approval reflects the FDA's dedication to effective Alzheimer's treatments. Eli Lilly also seeks approval in Japan.

Amyloid beta: a protein that accumulates abnormally in Alzheimer's brains, believed to harm nerve cells.



Djokovic Wins Wimbledon Opener with Knee Sleeve

Novak Djokovic won his first match at Wimbledon, wearing a knee sleeve. He had knee surgery a month ago. Djokovic beat Vit Kopriva easily, 6-1, 6-2, 6-2. He focused on quick points, avoiding long runs.

Djokovic, 37, has won seven Wimbledon titles before. He aims for an eighth, tying Roger Federer's record. He said he wouldn't risk this for any other tournament.

After the match, Djokovic thanked his surgeon. He also mentioned Andy Murray, who withdrew due to a spine procedure. Djokovic respects Murray's contributions to tennis and hopes he finishes on his terms.


Brazil Establishes 'King Pelé Day' to Honor Soccer Legend

Brazil sets "King Pelé Day" for Nov. 19, honoring the soccer legend's 1,000th goal in 1969. President Lula da Silva approved the law. Pelé, a three-time World Cup winner, passed away in 2022 at 82. The date commemorates his winning penalty kick for Santos against Vasco da Gama at Maracana Stadium. Some historians dispute the exact count of his goals. Pelé used the 1969 event to advocate for child welfare under Brazil's military dictatorship. Senator Jorge Kajuru, a former sports reporter, praised Pelé's global influence. Pelé's mother, Celeste Arantes, recently passed away at 101.


South Africa's Rugby World Cup Champions Face Ireland in Pretoria

South Africa fields a team of Rugby World Cup champions against Ireland in Pretoria. Twenty of the 23 players selected were part of the World Cup squad. Captain Siya Kolisi leads the charge, joined by Handre Pollard and others. The lineup boasts 966 caps, a formidable experience.

Rassie Erasmus, confident in the team's depth and World Cup winners' expertise, acknowledges Ireland's strength as the second-ranked team globally. The Springboks aim to break a losing streak against Ireland since 2016.

Ireland, having beaten South Africa at the World Cup and secured the Six Nations title, presents a tough challenge. The teams meet again in Durban next week.

South Africa's starting XV includes veterans like Willie le Roux and newcomers like Sacha Feinberg-Mngomezulu. The reserves feature RG Snyman and Marco van Staden.

Caps: A measure of a player's international appearances.